Support Normal +alter

I didn’t know we can have the normal version of an operator and his Alter as support.
I have a friend with this and tried with Skadi too, it works.


I just want to say that Ch’alter’s sheer Executor powercreep is SHAMEFUL

…but I’m still going to raise her I’m not that petty


I only have used her as support for DHS4 CM for now and “Lava purgatory” did the job better.

There isn’t a single operator able to do all the maps alone on AK and there are so many others “broken operators” in the game, some with better utility or usability. (SA or Eija).

If i have less “broken operators”, like two years ago, Chalter could have been the cornerstone of my team.(As i beginner it’s a lifesaver)
Moreover having a good operator and the skill to use him/her are too different things, and even if i have a big gun it’s not a reason to use it(all the time). :rofl:
And yes, i’m gonna raise my Chalter too (after “LaPluma”), to make my life easier on AK if possible.


I don’t see a logical reason why wouldn’t we be able to set them as a support together
I get why we can’t use them together, but implementing this mechanic into support setup would be dumb
Especially that support is more like a flex, and HG would have problems if they didnt let their players flex same waifu twice


Because unlike F.O, the alter is not another personality(maybe just a future self like Lava), and you can’t have the two of them in the same squad and in your base it’s the same.
I was just surprise and wanted to inform if someone is interested.

I don’t know what’s FO, but it’s not the first time when we have Alter operator. Lava isn’t popular, but there was alread a heckton of people with double Skadi set on support

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You don’t know FGO ? With Saberfaces, Rinfaces, ElyChan Alter, … :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I know FGO,

but I don’t know

Also I have pfp from FateGO, so I definitely don’t know the franchise kek

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Does it help make more sense to you if we describe it as requesting support from chen but telling her to bring her gun specifically or her sword? I mean you can only use 1 support Unit per team so there’s never an instance of having both alter and normal forms ever meeting in person.

It’s like the doppelganger rule they must never meet or else one will be driven to kill the other as its against nature for 2 of them to exist in the same space and time.

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