Support Servants for specific Cards

From what i Understand as for the Supports to get:

Depending What kind of Servant Focus you are having right now (Arts/Quick/Buster)

I should save my Quartz for these:

Merlin for Buster Servants
Tamamo for Arts Servant
Skadi for Quick Servants

Waver for Everyone?

Right now my SSR´s are:
Raikou Lvl100/ Scathach lvl 100 / Kiara Lvl 90
Atalante/Saber Alter/Martha/Shiki

Should i just go for Waver and use Merlin from Firends list?

For now i am Running: Raikou + Mash + Merlin ( friend support) going for Buster NP Chain with Crits with Raikou

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Ok so… Yes and no

Merlin is not “for buster” exclusively , he is better for buster, but he is for sustained fight.
You can call it “Merlin engine”, when he have a couple of his np up and the team start crit more, keep on healing and also more np.
He work best with another Merlin and a buster servant, but he is a planty powerful support for quick and art to.

Skadi is a quick damage centric servant. She work for blitz fight buffing quick servant. She is kind of limited to that, but her buff are insane.

Tamamo is the most niche of them all.
She does not work is most art team. Most of the time you are better off with waver, Merlin or Hans . She work only on 2 specific playstyle, and she is the cornerstone of one of those . Art loop np and tamamo stalling.
You can bring her as a pure support alone as you would with Merlin , but do not expect her to do something spectacular.

All of those 3 do offer strong, targetable buff for their card type, so they can be used as generic support, but this is just a starting approach. Once you start experimenting, you will learn many new playstyle.

Waver is the single best and most important unit in the game. Oven if you have those above, waver is still the most usefull.
He is not just a generic support. He is the generic support.
He is like the missing piece to make all of your team work.
If tamamo/Merlin /skadi are enabler (so they made some strat/servant valid) waver is there to make any comp work.

To be fair, I would roll for him to, if I was not saving for skadi, who is limited and I have ton ton and ton of quick servant I love (my nyalter for exemple).


If you want a priority list here is what would recommend :

  1. Skadi
  2. Waver
  3. Merlin or Tamamo

Skadi and Waver are the 2 most aggressive and useful supports in JP right now due to the big battery they provide.

Skadi is at her best when used as support for Quick by enabling NP loop: for Quick comps a single Skadi gives rougly the same boost as what would give a Waver + pre-upgrade Nero Bride, but her battery and def debuff are card agnostic: even outside Quick comps she close to Waver tier.

Waver is a bit more flexible than Skadi with 20% party wide charge + 30% targeted charge, but in exchange he doen’t come nowhere near the level of the 3 others when it comes to boost the power of their respective color comps. Comparatively his usefulness will also drop a bit after Nero Bride upgrade but 50% battery will always find a use.

Merlin is a well-rounded support that excel mostly on CQ (though the touch-of-death meta will give some hard time). Like Skadi he’s at his best when supporting his favored color comps but as long as you just want to stall he’s good. However his farming prowess is the very low compared to the 3 others: partly because Buster NP has no refund and partly because he only provide a 20% party battery.

Tamamo is like Merlin but Art oriented: well-rounded for both defense and offense and can enable Art NP loop. She has no battery though so loop enabling can be sometimes hairy (this is the reason why Art loop comps are more expensive than Quick loop comps).

I think it’s somewhat hard to rank them without regard to team and playstyle.

Skadi is probably by far the best–IF you can quick loop. This is because her buffs are single-servant (both charge and quick buff), while Waver does teamwide for 20% NP, one servant for 30%, and teamwide ATK buff. So, if you can’t loop at least once, to me she’s not as useful by herself if you need to bring 2 servants to do the job for successive waves. Also, the general ATK buff she gives is actually a DEF debuff, which can be resisted as well as not persisting across waves.

Likewise, Tamamo is tuned for her niche–Arts looping/NP spam with as much stall as you want to play with. Given that her almost perfect partner is Waver, the two of them pack quite a bit of stall even in an offensive-oriented team.

But Merlin I think is, like Waver, far more general. Even though he has that Buster buff, it’s also tied to a nice 3 turn HP increase that I’ve used for that purpose a lot. Even in a buster team, I often pop that on T1 to give some squishy servant some breathing room before his heals kick in. Yes, he’s not a 3T support, but in the longer fights, the healing sustain as well as NP charging over time (+25% NP teamwide over 5 turns, and can overlap with multiple NPs) makes him quite useful in longer, tougher fights.

Luckily, I myself do not have to choose an order, since I’ve gotten the 3 available already, having been playing long enough to do so. And I have 1200 SQ ready for Skadi. Like I said, if you have the Quick servants that enable looping, it’s pretty much a no-brainer. But if not, then she’s more equal or maybe even not as general to you than a Waver. I don’t have any NP > 1 quick (SR/SSR) servants, so my ability to loop will not be great. So she might only be situationally used, maybe even only using plugsuit with Waver and/or Merlin (and/or a support Skadi).

Leaning more toward Skadi or Waver may depends on what color comps you chose but Waver and Skadi will always out rank Merlin and Tamamo in term of general usefulness regardless the color comp (outside CQ meme comps):

Merlin is certainly not more generally applicable than Skadi: I own both Skadi and Merlin and I have never pick Merlin over Skadi regardless the comps color for my daily duties, story progression or event farming: Even when I’m farming with my OG Artoria I prefer to pick Skadi instead of Merlin.


Other than dailies, in most events I can’t 3T anything (or don’t want to drop bonuses in order to do so), So a lot of events require me to 6-10T, and I use Merlin over Waver currently when I do so (or use Merlin + Waver + plugsuit) when the waves get tougher. I’ll have to see when/if I get Skadi, but with few non-welfare SR/SSRs at NP > 1 (I think Astolfo is my only one), and no MLB IE or Kscope, my looping capability is pretty limited. I still see myself using my Buster-heavy roster a lot post-Skadi.

Buster has the Cheng Gong Stuff with Merlin, Chen & a Skadi/Waver supporting a Buster DPS with NP Charge.

It requires 2 CE slots unlike looping comps but it’s guaranteed, since it’s 100% Charge based and the damage is really good too. Even more if you are using a silly damage dealer like Ishtar or Godjuna.

As for Looping i have Atalante however only NP1.

How does Scathach perform with Skadi ( 2x Skadi) for single enemy fights?
I mean she has the 5% Lance damage boost and also a star gather + Crit skill. Also 2 Quick cards + Hard hitting NP.

Scathach is a monster. You don’t see her talked about as much only because single-target doesn’t get as much attention and because she lacks a battery in her kit, but she’s terrifically strong with support. Skadi will be quite a nice pairing.

Scathach is a particularly strong 1-turner and is argually the best at 1-turning most raid bosses. Her internals and Quick cards are quite awful, so no triloop for her but she is very good at crit damage so it partly compensate since she is ST.
Personally I’m a bit concerned by the RNG on crit skill but 80% can be considered as consitent enough. So I’m just nickpicking.

So best she could do is 2 Turn NP with Kalaidoscope.

Scathach is a boss-slayer, not a sustained farmer of any kind. She’s valued for her high damage ceiling and for the stun attached to her NP (the stun not bring trait-dependent is very good). Ideally her target is dead before all of your buff and NP charge support is on cooldown.

Well yes, Kcope + 2x Skadi = 180-200% NP charge. So yh unless you are really unlucky, you’ll likely have 2 NP shots. The thing is that there are ST Servant that get 3 NP shots in CQ without having to use Kscope so this basically her limit (that + the fact that her kit is really 1T burst oriented).

Edit: The best you can hope for is 1T crit + 2T NP with BG + x2 Skadi + Waver and a lot RNG blessing.