Support set up help

Hi! I want to know what would you prefer to see in a support list, I don’t know what to put on some classes, the servants I want to use are
Berserker: MHXA lvl 100 10/10/10, heracles bond CE 10/2/1
Rider: Quetzalcoatl np 3 lvl 100 10/10/10 (with mona lisa or damage CE) Fracis drake 8/5/5 with mona lisa
Archer: Chloe 1/10/10, Emiya np2 4/9/8,
Extra: BB 10/10/10, Passionlip 5/5/6, Marhta ruler lvl 90 6/10/10
Caster: Nero summer 10/10/10, Illya 8/1/1
Assasin: Nito 1/1/1 (planing to get her to 10/10/10), Summer scathach 6/9/9, Carmilla 10/6/6
Thanks for your help :smiley:

Zerk: MHXA.

Rider: I’d try to max Drake’s battery and put her on this slot… while Quetz gets to the ALL slot, unless you have another lvl 100 servant to showcase. You just have a really impressive Quetz, so it’d be a waste not to put her on your list.

Archer: Chloe.

Extra: Martha

Caster: Nero

Assassin: Carmilla until you max Nito.

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In general I pick either support Waver with chaldea lunchtime or whatever servant has Mona Lisa but I’ll give my opinion.

I like Ecchan a lot so I’d prefer to pick her unless I had a new account. Herc is a lifesaver early on.
Drake is a versatile farmer so she’d be my pick.
Chloe is awesome for boss killing and she is a bit limited for those that missed the initial run.
I’m a bit torn. I like both Martha and BB but I guess BB gets my vote for her versatility.
Nero is a bit like Drake so she gets my vote.
I actually like Nito a lot so she’d be my pick but I’m pretty sure most would want Carmilla.

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Outside of events I feel it’s always best to have aoe servants or servants that make farming easier (eg waver) if you are trying to rack up fp and be useful in general. In events I find Herc is general more used BUT the fact he’s not 10/10/10 would put me off considering it’s not hard to find max skill/level hercs on support and every man and his dog probably has his bond ce by now. Probably better to have MHXA here.

Mona Lisa on Drake no questions. Quetz with a damage ce on all

I leave all and extra slots or Jalter and Melt for people trying to clear story mode etc. BB I feel everyone should have her unles your FL is loaded with <lvl100 players and there’s very little reason to field 2 of her at any time. And Lip because of her tank skills is more useful than Ruler Martha in most situation. Plus Lip is useful for Cavalry nodes because she can clear waves in dailies reliably

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Thanks, I will do that then, one question, something I forgot, im planing to get suzuka from the free SR ang get her to lvl 90 and 10/10/10, but I already have a lancelot 10/6/10, which would you prefer to see? thanks any way :smiley:

I like seeing other people’s grail targets in their supp list, especially when they’re more or less unusual.
Suzuka is by no means unpopular, but you don’t see her grailed as often as top dogs like Jalter and Herc’.

Of course, this is coming from an old time player.

Trying to put myself in the place of a newcomer with some knowledge, I’d prefer Lancelot, as he has a better shot at carrying.
If I were a newcomer with little to no experience, then Suzuka, just by merit of having that unusual grail icon and, more importantly, being easier to find in friendlist by merit of a higher level/stats.

Berserker: MHXA, Herc is cool and all but there are lots of max bond hercs hanging around, besides, if you put all those resources into alter you should show her off

Rider: Quetz with damage CE, she’d be a godsend in CQs

Archer: Emiya, he’s a bit rarer to see as a support, especially with good skills.

Extra: Probably martha, lots of people have BB and you put grails into her.

Caster: Summer Nero, not a big fan of Illya performance wise

Assasin: Probably Nito if you get her to 10/10/10, otherwise I’d suggest Carmilla

As someone with a developed roster (and who therefore had different needs than a newbie/someone without many options), I care more about skill levels than I do anything else. Farmers are important, but I’d rather see a maxed Quetz over a not maxed Drake.

Rare/quirky servants are better too—Passionlip, despite being so popular, is a rare sight. So is Assassin Nito.