Support Setup advice?

So, recently got back into the game (a few month ago, to be fair, not that I stopped watching vids and such). Been revamping my Support Setup since this is my 2nd account.

Anyway, unto the topic. Beat Goetia (Yay), and getting down to grinding out units I know will be good. Or, those I believe to be good from my knowledge before I quit my first account (Citing salt, as the reason should be obvious :sweat_smile: )

So, I believe that Lancer and Archer are already pretty easy picks for me. Ishtar for Archer, Karna for Lancer (though I have Enkidu as well, so its a tough pick). I could also swap Ishtar for Tomoe, but I don’t think its worth it. She’s more niche, if memory serves.

For Sabers, I’m unsure. Suzuka Gozen is one I have, but haven’t really leveled. The same can be said for Lancelot (saber). Berserkers I’m rocking Penthesilea, though I could rock Lancelot. Probably going to wait until we get Skadi since he’s a far better unit around then thanks to Quick spam.

For Assassins, currently rocking Carmilla. Not the biggest fan, but she works perfectly. I have Katou Danzo, and I’ll probably end up using Ryougi Shiki. (Again, unsure). Riders I have Marie, or Astolfo. So not the best setup, but its that or running Ushiwakamaru (who works fine).

Now, the biggest problem is Casters. I have way too may options, and most of them are offensive Casters. Circe (Okeanos), CasGil, Tamamo. And no clue which one would be best for my friends (not many in game currently, but I’d imagine having options is great). CasGil is the highest leveled (50’s), but not really maxed out, so not the biggest incentive to use him. Tamamo I know could be useful for Arts units, and I have no idea why I’d end up using Okeanos.

Oh and for extra units I have Avenger of Shinjuku, so really that’s the only extra one aside from Mash I have. No reason to swap him out, I feel.

But yeah, super thanks for any advice on who to pick/stay with in their spots. Oh and, rather random, but here’s my Friend Code if anyone actually wants any of these units to use eventually. Once I actually level them all up.



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You had me at Tamamo :fgo_tamamo:
I’ll see if I have a spot for you, since I’ve been getting plenty of Arts servants and not many have Tamamo in their support setups. At least, I believe CasGil and Tamamo are your best options in that slot, since it’s more often than not the one spot with the most usage.

As for advice in the other slots…

Saber: Lancelot and Suzuka are both nice servants. Suzuka could complete a nice buster triangle support there, but Lancelot might get more general use because of his self-sufficiency.

Archer/Lancer: Ishtar and Karna are excellent picks. Even with low level skills, strong AoE servants with battery skills and high-end SSR stats are very eye-catching.

Rider: Whoever you have leveled is fine. Out of those options, Astolfo comes in handy assuming he has the Rank-up Quest done that gives him the NP battery. Otherwise, whichever of the other two is at a higher level. Although I get the feeling that people would rather have Ushiwakamaru before Marie… :fgo_judge:

Assassin: Carmilla is fine. She was my only golden Assassin for many months in the early game and she carried me just fine through Rider bosses and whatnot. With Shiki knocking on our doors right now though she most likely gets the boot soon enough.

Berserker: Until Fairy Godmother Scathach Skadi comes in summer, Penth is your best option. She not only works as a ST damage monster but also as a semi-support with her nice charisma and her partywide red buff.

Extra: Anyone that is not Mash is nice to show you got something in the extra classes, which are rare in the first place. Unless it’s a particulary beefy and maxed out unit, it’s mostly there to embellish your lineup. Therefore, the doggo is fine.

Oh, I almost forgot. Welcome back! Have fun playing the current event :fgo_alterasanta:
Or not, if you hate mission-based events as well


A quick note on this: No one (well almost no one) is going to borrow Lancelot for Quick shenanigans. If you have Skadi, you borrow another Skadi and then use your own Lancelot.

I mostly agree with what was said above, however there probably isn’t a lot of point putting Shiki on your support list as everyone will have her. At least Carmilla has a niche.


I’ll be leveling Tamamo first since I don’t have any super well leveled units. So that should be done first. But yeah, super thanks for the advice!

And thanks! I’m more a lurker there than anything, but yeah. I enjoy the event. Kara no Kyouka is fun, so I like the event. Plus I really need Chaldean Lunchtime so I’m grinding those Mana Prisms via events. So even if I didn’t like it, I probably will :fgo_jeannu:

True, true. I’m saving for Skadi, so that’s why I thought about Lancelot. But still, thanks for the advice!

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