Support Unit Build-A-Thon

So here’s the thing, I love support units. The flashy offensive nukes get all the attention and fodder, but you need a team to ensure you’re successful.

I have what I consider to be three great units–Annette, Kaden and Leanne–that I don’t use as much as I should so I need your help to build them into integral parts of my teams.

I will show what I have already built and the new unbuilt units I’ve pulled these past few weeks. You can ignore most of the seals since I have probably replaced them to setup my AR-D on other units and haven’t changed them back. Let’s go!


As you can see, both are +HP but with different banes -Res/ -Def. I am leaning towards merging them to get rid of the banes, but I don’t know if that’s a better option than having two built copies for AR


He’s got an amazing kit for support, but keeping him within 2 spaces of non-beast/ dragon units to satisfy his prf can be tricky. I am open to pairings that make sense, although I am not sure about his usefulness in PvP play. Halp!


Leanne is a great unit and a force to be reckoned with if you’re a mage or staff unit. After searching the archives for builds I am leaning towards giving her Distant Ward and using her as a magic sponge that can hit back at physical defenses, but I am open to other strategies for mixed teams in AR


Pretty budget, depending on your frontliner’s offenses you can make Annette a Bright Shrine soak. She also can triple rebuff the unlucky units in her way with a Feint seal

You could also make Kaden a Bright Shrine soak with LnD/Fury and just stack drives or close/distant guard for his C and S. Personally I prefer using repo or draw back on him but that’s just play style.

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I like the strat. Any troubles with further lowering her defenses, or does it not matter since she’s in the rear with the gear?

I also wanted to avoid visible buffs because Panic!

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Since she’s support she rarely sees combat. When she does it’s usually clean-up. You can opt for Fury but you want to make sure you can soak the chills.

As for panic, that’s a toughy… Ideally you want to get rid of the tower or snipe/one shot Thrasir

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Probably because they’re the only viable units these days

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That might be true, but there are still a lot of topics that revolve around OG!Eliwood and M!Corrin/ Yato.

Who was the last game-changing supporter? L!Eliwood? Aversa/ Iago?

Dancers usually end up being my supports, what with buffing when dancing and stuff, (healers too). For instance, my main dancer (Micaiah) sits with fireflood dance and Earth dance seal. Though that’s a bit less effective than other dancers who give buffs with their weapon/skill, she hits hard enough when I do attack with her that I can afford to build full support.

I’ve tried Leanne, but, I can’t find any reason to use her instead of any other dancer really. Her only real asset I can come up with that can’t be replicated on other dancers is her breath of life effect, but it feels so meagre for anything other than a rokkr pick, or an anti Savage blow pick. Though, she is range 1 with good res, so she tanks dragons better than many other units.

Speaking of healers, unless you’ve also got isolation, restore is good for cleaning off panic for a player phase team. Most of my supports really only can provide visible buffs, most of my “during combat” skills only affect the unit that has the skill.

Wasn’t part of the question, but imo L!Eliwood makes another great support simply due to having bonus doubler built into his weapon and a base kit global unit buff depending on your team comp. Honestly I use L!Lucina as a primary attack unit but she also works small time support because I have her a Link skill. And most of my other supports are tanks who take a hit then debuff with smoke skills. but I have unfortunately no idea what kind of team comps you are running to make a suggestion for the units you want specifically


Mirabilis and Iago are two support units that are fun to use.

Problem with things like tanks/duelist units these days is not the units themselves, but the sheer power of modern nukes. They can easily reach Atk stats of nearly 80 if not more, with pre-charged specials to boot. That and fast infantry units just being the undisputed Fun Ruiners of FEH (Why do Close Call/Repel exist, its like real tanks don’t exist now).

The depressing world we live in.


So Leanne had the healing aura, which can be really useful, but unless you’re running beast/ dragon teams you’re eventually going to end up with a unit next to her and she loses transformation and her 3 tile movement. OTOH if she’s doing double duty as healer and mage check she can provide support somewhat similar to HS!Micaiah but without the dual-effectiveness and NFU–so not really the same at all.

My only issue with units like B!Fjorm or Mila are that their awesome effects mean they need to stay in the same column as the dancer they’re trying to shut down, which means their ability to buff/ heal is limited until the dancer is no longer a threat.

As far as L!Eliwood, I want to use him in AR but haven’t quite figured out how to avoid saddling my tank with visible buffs because of Panic.

I’ve been using leanne on my teams for a very long time - i find her prf to be perfect for pve. admittedly, the teams i run her with actually have no beasts/dragons, mostly because there’s not many synergies i can build with the support and the beasts/dragons i have.
I find that the extra space of movement simply helps out in a pinch with positioning: i can have leanne two spaces away, out of range, but on the start of the next turn, i still get full reach for my units. seems situational, happens a lot. the healing is very useful for modes like grand/legendary HBs, and of course TT+. The tactics are self explanatory: not only are they extremely easy to activate and provides strong buffs, they activate within 2 spaces: just like the healing effect. Good for supertanks. The rest of the set is basically to ensure that hrid/brave micaiah/any other unit that relies on debuffs to activate an effect have extra support and that should she ever get into harms way (which shouldn’t happen) she’ll have something?

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Close call types abilities are one of the worst things to happen to feh… Tanks just don’t matter much anymore, and with times pulse being inheritable too, the nukes also make tanks unfeasible. :catcry:

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More of a mixed phase Leanne, I use this set with an atk asset and she can do some pretty good dmg in one hit. Has support ability too

Budget support, nuff said.

Guidence is really good on singers (especially with an old armor team like me)

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Jk that’s a really good Anna! I did almost the same thing (brazen atk spd 4)


Laughs in Idunn

Give it another couple months and we’ll have anti-Repel skills on *5 exclusives. This is I$ we’re talking about

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