Support units: do they matter?

Been playing Dragalia since its release. I’ve learned to play well. Each character has co-abilities that benefit the whole team and ones of the same type don’t stack. Therefore, I’ve learned that the best way to build a team is to use four members that have differing Co-abilities.

My question though is still the overall utility of the Support units. In my experience, Attack Unit and Healer have been pretty straightforward, and aside from co-abilities, Defense units just seem to for all practical purposes to be Attack units with high defense at the cost of strength. But Support units seem to be all over the place. Obviously they each have their co-ability and passives, but while some like Karl and Elisanne have an attack buff skill that increases the whole team’s attack, others like Luca and Althemia basically just have damage skills. In such case, if I have an equally useful Attack unit that has either the same co-ability or one that otherwise fits, then why shouldn’t I just use the Attack unit?

For example, for a fire team, Karl, Euden and Marth all have Dragon Haste as their co-ability. Using Karl and Marth or Euden thus isn’t as productive since only one Dragon Haste will be applied. But Mym has HP+ as her co-ability. So I quit using Karl and slotted Mym in instead since that with Marth, Verica, Mym and Mikoto I have four co-abilities. According to the tier-list, though, Karl is pretty good at his job.

Any advice is appreciated here.

I don’t think whether a unit is labelled as “support” or “attack” really matters. As you said, units like Althemia aren’t really supportive in any way. You just have to judge each unit on its own merits.

Supportive units can definitely be good. Especially ones with a buff as their first skill so they can cast it often like Elisanne, Melody, Sinoa can provide a lot of extra damage to your team that makes up for them doing slightly less damage themselves.

For your example Marth is just a very good adventurer, it’s hard to make an argument for any other fire sword if you have him. Karl does have sleep resistance and slayer’s strength so he could be better at Wind Imperial Onslaught - Mym, Mikoto, Marth and Verica all have stun resistance instead of sleep.


Unless something comes in the game that affects directly the type of one character, those types are just for show to let some new people understand what they “should do” (but this isn’t always the case, some support unit deal more damage than attack ones for example).

As for coabilities and teams, there’s no content that requires caring about which ones you use except mercurial gauntlet and solo high dragons, expecially since if you don’t 50/50 you won’t feel the difference that much. But in your example, it’s true that karl is good and it’s even better than naveed thanks to his slayer str and good team buff, but marth is still better on general content, but in this facility event a karl with some slayer str print could do wonders. And that leaves us with, is having a sword in your team something bad since dragon haste is useless? Depends. That’s why there are only 2 coabilities you absolutely want in your team, katana (str) and wand (skill damage). You may think that having a dagger is required too but all daggers pretty much suck, cleo not so much but that’s the best in daggers and is mediocre, while katanas and wands have good characters, so you can use whatever unit you want as a third unit, and a healer in the fourth slot. That assuming everyone is 50/50 of course, and those units are good (for example using maribelle and not sinoa). For now the best you could make in a fire team is marth, mikoto, S.Maribelle, and V.Hilde for a balanced dps team.

Aside from that, mym is good only if you control her, so if the content you do doesn’t benefit much from transforming then as a AI she’s meh.

Didn’t know Mym was better controlled… guess I should use her as leader then rather than Marth. I’ll have to work towards crafting her a fire spear