Suprsingly good Rocket leader Counters

Having been semi aggressively gone out to grind rocket stops, both the dust and to try for those shadow shinies, and not keeping the most healing items at any one time (I’m cheap on storage, 700 spots) so I only kept enough really for healing after raids.

With the stops tending to drain the few healing items I got pretty rapidly on my standard team counters; latios/lecacy nite for stunlocking, tyranitar, metagross, dialga, giratina, SB mewtwo, and the like not always being available, so I decided to get a bit creative with what i’ve been using. All f these I used stunlocking with, so leading something else, then after a few fast moves, switching in these pokemon to get those extra few seconds of free damage, and using charge moves once available for additional locking (unless they are within range for 1-2 fast moves to kill)

Even level 25, giratina A with just SC and AP can nearly 1v3 Arlo on the right team (even agaisnt a Mag/Sciz team, it nearly 1-3 because the stunlocking) and imagine against Cliff and Seirra with double moves and only needing to switch the fast move it can really rip their reams apart (though sneasel might require being chipped down more before switching in) lv25 Heatran, with its resistances can really just tank most hits, so pretty good lead against all the three, its chunky but its charge moves are a bit…poor, which can be a problem as SE’s nonstab and IH is sadly just bad. You probably all knew this was coming but Aggron, i’ve had a near maxed one for a time, and when my Charizard and moltres were KO’d (my typical FC counter for Arlo rather than TTar) I just decided to give my aggron a shot, and it worked surprisingly well, it doesnt really feel the FC’s, and AS just does nothing to it, but like everything it needs to shield charge moves, its also help up surprisingly well to even sierra’s watergun lapras, able to take out ~50% with locking and not even having stone edge (in a similar vein, PRobopass and Bastiodon also work In this, though feel like the fight drags on longer because of the weaker attacking stats). In a bit of the opposite to aggron, Rampardos has ripped Arlo’s scyther apart so fast, but been reall hit or miss since its so glassy and it can take a super effective fast move so it might need to be used agaisnt a semi known team (either failed against prior and bringing better answers or that a friend reported the team of) but super effective rockslides more or less delete pokemon like gyarados If it can get it off. In general, just kinda spammy pokemon with high EPT or good EPT and low energy cost moves like Houndoom, vaporeon, Sceptile, swampert, Toxicroak, and power up punch user.

What have you guys find that have generally been working well in these battles that have better than expected?

Darkrai works surprisingly well against Sierra, just beware of Houndoom with Fire Fang and Gardevoir. (Houndoom with Snarl lets you instantly kill it in 1 Focus Blast easily.)

Lugia and Swampert works VS Arlo’s Scizor as well if you are in a pinch.

Gotta try Registeel soon.

I can’t say enough good things about Altered Giratina (SC/DC/AP). This thing is a force to be reckoned with in grunt battles. It’s very tanky against just about everything that doesn’t spam Bite, and can easily lock battles down by spamming charge moves. It doesn’t get the job done as fast as other options, but damn it’s efficient. If you get lucky and hit the buff from AP, then Giratina turns into a Poke-wrecking ball and it’s pretty much GG.

In one battle against Arlo (Scyther/Crobat/Charizard), I led with A-Giratina and used AP to bait the first two shields on his Scyther. Ended up getting back-to-back buffs on those first two APs. It was fun watching Giratina one-shot his entire team with charge moves after that. :grin:

Against Arlo, we used Blaziken with Fire Spin / Blaze Kick and what made it really great was that it fills the charge move FAST and wipes out the shields right away! Strategy is important in these matches, once the shields were gone, Groudon with Mud Shot /Earthquake did tremendous damage.

I think for Sierra I used double grass? I can’t recall but I thought it was torterra with frenzy plant? It’s late and my memory could be bad on that one, but the Arlo is dead on - we fought four or five times before we won with that combo!

My son was only level 32 at the time I think. I am only 36.

Yeah, I’ve not battled them enough to get to using surprising counters, but I’ve liked getting a use out of a near 2500 Lucario leading off vs. Sierra. I have plenty to beat the leaders, but not in the loop enough to know the drop rate on the radar components. Still need to get to Cliff and Arlo on the quest…haven’t necessarily been getting the parts from the few grunts I’ve seen (with the limited rocket hunting time I’ve had)

Drop rate is 100% - every time you beat a rocket stop, you get a component. Get six, you get a radar and can find a boss. Beat the boss, you use your radar and have to build another one by beating six rocket stops.

Pretty straightforward.

Also, if you DO NOT win against the boss, you do NOT consume your radar, so you can keep it and try again another day.

Hope that helps!


This is correct if your item bag isn’t full. In the begining you got the component no matter if you had spare places in your item bag or not. That little “bug” was fixed by Niantic.