Surprise Pokemon Today

So today, there was a surprise Pokemon, it was Onix, it looks like:

Well, they must’ve picked it, since it was such an Onixpected pick


I definitely did not… expect the last sentence :joy:

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Have they confirmed it was Onix? I saw two in the hour, in places where Onix have regularly spawned in the past. (To the point where if I see an Onix on my nearby screen, I can generally guess not only the Pokestop, but the exact location where I will find it) So it didn’t really seem like a special event.

Same here. Two at the gym where I live in the full hour and a friend sat between three stops saw two.

Odd, because I haven’t seen any at all today.

There was definitely an Onix hour but the spawn rates do seem to have been a bit inconsistent.

Some reports I saw say it (almost) rivaled community day, and others barely saw any. My experience was somewhere in the middle, though I was on the move the entire time - I’d say it was roughly equivalent to finding the featured species in a nest.

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Don’t ever change :joy:

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