Surprise spooks you were HAPPY about?

Name says it all - who spooked you and you were HYPE about it?

For me, was trying to get Poster Girl CE this weekend, didn’t get a copy but on my second 10 roll got Zerkerlot, thought “okay, NP2, nice”, then frickin Achilles and was like “well, no poster girl, I’ll take this”! When has this happened for you?


Schez during Summer BB banner.

Schez is a servant I’ve wanted for years, but her rate ups were always at awkward timings for me. So getting her off a YOLO ticket there was great!


Has to be Mordred for me. Got her during Guda 3 rerun rolls

I like her a lot, have her Rider version Grailed so Saber showing up like that was a very nice surprise


Enkidu. Enkidu is good clay who’s spooked me twice now, and while I can’t remember the when, good clay has been very good. I wouldn’t mind NP3 :fgo_ereshsmile:


Got Waver spooked on the lancer artoria banner. There’s nothing like that first Waver spook.


Every single copy of OG Saber has been a spook and now she’s NP5.

Her first spook came when I rolled for Archuria on the downloads banner last summer, the second came when I was rolling for my first copy of Gil.

Her 5th copy came when I was rolling for Muzerker. I am pretty happy because she hits very hard, I have the tools to keep her NP going, and she has a nice rank-up coming next year.


Every last copy of my lancelots, now and in the future :fgo_medealove:

Saberlot spooked me twice early on, then again on the apocrypha banner. The first zerkalot might have been a split rate up, it was a kotrt banner, but the copy on new years and again on the anniversary were definitely spooky and happily welcomed. Both have been rewarded with cups and fous.


SSR wise:

  • Sanzang was a pleasant spook and quite recent - Godjuna banner.
  • I got spooked with 1 copy of Enkidu at the end of Valentine’s and 1 copy during CBC. A nice consolation prize as I chased Shishou with 600SQ and got nothing, not even golds.
  • I lucksacked KP when I just wanted a CE or Gawain. Was it Gawain or Tristan? I forget. Still haven’t used her except as backline in Seraph but she’s got a fun gimmick and I will give her a CQ spin when she gets her upgrade.

For NP levels, Waver and Jeanne were good spooks. Jeanne gets a major boost from NP2, and Waver made Barbatos easier with that extra def down.

SR wise:

  • I was really pleased to get spook Herc before I cleared part 1 but I never used him despite leveling him.
  • Same for Zerkalot, although I got spooked again with NP2 during Godjuna’s banner and will get to use him for a while after Skadi’s rerun.
  • Chiron was a spook over Summer and someone I’d wanted fornhile
  • Circe spooking me multiple times has bee a essing and helped make my Barb 1T comp.
  • Each copy of Nito makes me happy although I haven’t needed to run her yet.
  • I regretted that I let the SR ticket expire with indecisiveness when I was new and wished I’d just grabbed CasGil as I initially wanted. Well, I’ve been spooked by the holy overworked ghost 4 times now.
    …But Lanling took mat priority over him since I got him in CBC before CasGil spooks and got spooked to NP5 on banners afterwards.

Not many honestly. NP2 and NP3 Saberlot spooks, Nito spook, Valk spook, and I guess NP2 Nappy spook, but it took me a while to warm up to Nappy given his shit DPS at NP1.




At NP1 Emiya was regularly outputting more damage thanks to Hawkeye and there being little difference in their NP damage numbers.


My only SSR spook thus far was Waver, who I got when I threw four tickets at the Melt banner.


Tamamo. A couple of months after not getting her on her actual banner


Some 300+ rolls in Scathach banner last valentine didnt get me any Lancers - but it DID get me my first battery pack great support WAVER!!! Sry Scathatch, but that spook was actually better then you answering.

Especially since my waver fund became Melt fund and netted me two copies(and neethime spook too i guess) :fgo_meltbirb:


Out of my 21 unique SSRs, 8 are spooks. I’ve been happy for every one of them. :catskully:

NP3 Arturia (all three copies spooks), Jack, and Ozymandias spooked me during my first year (2018).

Drake spooked me while rolling Okita on the GudaGuda re-run. My only double SSR roll to date.

Waver spooked me rolling Napoleon.

Mordred and Enkidu spooked me while rolling Skadi.

Bradamante spooked me rolling Medea Lily Illya on the Prisma Codes re-run.


I’ve probably forgotten many of my happy spooks, but I got Jeanne from the bait banner, and I’m happy about it because that makes her my first non-limited NP5 SSR. Hello USOs lmao


Happy with all three off-rate-up Medusa lilies that I’ve gotten thus far. Wouldn’t mind her being my first NP5 non-welfare gold unit at all.


I’ve never been happy, per se, because if it was what I really wanted I would have rolled for it before. but vanilla Saber has shown up three times uninvited and gotten a lot of use, with only more potential in the future, so I wouldn’t mind if she wanted to show up uninvited some more


Drake , Karna , Artoria
Those 3 spooked me at my 1st month in the game :fgo_ohoho:


Was unable to summon Mordred last Apoc, however while rolling for Dantes last summer she came before the Count and I almost stopped rolling for said Count.