Hey, it’s Loresome! Earlier today, I made a topic about thoughts for a Thea build. I saw some great builds and then decided to make one of my own, based off the other builds I saw.

I came up with this:

Not the best build, I know, but it impressed me. Soooo, with my 20K feathers and the fact I got a 4-star Thea awhile ago…

I decided to switch to Desperation for her B-skill, but this is what I’ve got! She isn’t a merge project or anything. Mainly another flier I have that’s 5-star, since I barely have any. I even gave her other skills too!

All Thea’s Skills

I only need Slaying Lance for her to be complete, but yeah. The reason she has so many skills is because the units I got certain skills from also came with other good skills that I didn’t want to lose. So, I foddered a few of 3-stars and a couple of 4-stars.

Well, wish me luck in using her!


Also, I made this topic, because I also will be gone tonight and tomorrow, so it’s a place to announce that too. I’ll be gone very soon, so I may get to replies later.

Also, rip Haars and Miciah.
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i was coming to report that after making that build for you, I ended up pulling my first 5 star Thea. Kinda funny how it worked that way.

anyway, good luck on your new project!

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