Survey rewards?

Simple question: I compelled the survery, didn’t get the rewards, waited a few minutes closed apps and nothing. Are we supposed to get them after like a day or soemthing?

Strange, i got the tickets right away without even resetting the app. You sure you did the survey properly?


The tickets are in your box.


Yes, I went beck to check if there were any errors on my part and fixed them (particularly not submitting 3 options for some of the questions)

I’ve triple checked the surgery at this point, I’ve done everything, yet no rewards are there for me, is it becusse I’m on IOS or soemthing iOS?

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Well they gave me a different link for IOS so it could be that?

Are you sure it submitted? I had a question I needed to fill out that I missed, but after that I got them immediately

The survey doesn’t have any error checking. The first survey took me forever to figure out what was wrong. I’d left the question blank asking what other mobile games I played, because fgo is the only one and none of the above wasn’t a choice. Selecting a random game and then submitting finally resulted in the survey actually getting marked as complete and the prize showing up.


I just typed in the box “no time for other games, got to farm!”

When you make a mistake, it takes you back to beginning and says what went wrong (like not making an answer or marking more than 3 in some of the questions)

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It says a few things were “wrong” but all of them are filled out, and 3 things are filled for the things that need to be filled

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Also, woah, same RoyAhoy from the FEH game press? Been a while, you probaly don’t remember me

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Last year with User survey 1, I don’t remember the question having a comment box. I certainly made use of the box this time and finished without issue the first time. But I do remember how frustrating it was before not knowing what question was preventing the survey from being complete.

It’s hidden at the top

It’ll even tell you if you filled out 4 things for something that said “up to 3”

I’m in IOS and it worked fine for me. It seems like it’s something else then.

I redid the entire survey, and that seemed to have fixed it.


Good stuff then. :+1: