Survival Run

This is my second post ever so the format is probably ugly.

Obviously you should do this on a different device/acount.

This has probably been thought of millions of times but I randomly thought of this idea of a survival game mode. Here are the rules:

  1. When one of your heroes die, you have to send them home (or turn them into a combat manuel so it’s like how keep their weapon in the games), this is in every map, this includes training tower, any floor of tempest trial, brigade team, aether trials, etc.
  2. You can only do 20 orb summons.
  3. When you do a 20 orb summon, you can only keep one hero and can turn one other into a combat manuel (less or more, you can change it), you have to send the rest home.
  4. (Optional) In brigade teams, you can only use one friend.

Changeable Rules:
With Anna, Alfonse and Sharena, they have one life (you can probably keep track of this by marking them as favourite a different colour), or can be the only type that has infinite lives (but then i would mainly use them), It’s up to how hard you want to make this.

Matthew and Raigh, heroes from missions and heroes you get from the main story you can keep them.

I’m not sure about those free heroes from special maps (the ones with 3 difficulties and when you win, you get a free character). I was thinking you can only keep one and you can fodder another. Same rules for that other thing that appears at the bottom of the special maps.

Heeoic grails are eh. I’m not really sure how they should work. You don’t really get much of them so you can keep whatever you get from heroic grails.

For tempest trial heroes you get, i was thinking you can only keep the 4 star hero and you need to turn the 5 star into a combat manuel (you can swap it).

For your brigade team, the team of like 20 units, it’s more fun if you use only your units and maybe 1 friends’ unit.

Not reccomended to buy orbs, don’t do it…

A potential goal is to have maybe 50 to 100 heroes, or beating all of story mode on lunatic, or both. Or you can just play forever.

I feel like has thought of something like this before but i just added my own ideas to it.
Might add on to this later if i feel like it.
I might try this type of run on a second account.

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The edit option exists :feh_birbpeek:
Sounds entertaining but I haven’t the time for that, one account takes enough of my time

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Found edit button, yay.

Meh, maybe one account is already enough.

I pretty much already do this (swapped version anyway).

Oh poop you’re right :3

Yeah I was thinking something like this would be pretty cool (like a Nuzlocke for Fire Emblem Heroes), but tbh like others have said I have my hands full with my one account lol.

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Challenge accepted :feh_royyes: