Suzuka (Santa) PV- FGO Arcade

I hope they release her in front of Helena so we need just 2 years for suzuka :catcry:

Not this again

Insert obligatory “onore arkeido” meme here

But this makes me curious who’s going to be santa this year on mobile… Of course it’s not suzuka, right? Because it will be less exciting if mobile and arcade release same servant almost in the same time.

Oh, well. At least thanks to LB 5.5 we will get our muramasa soon.



I guess Japan will get Santa Helena this year and Santa Suzuka the next one. It’s possible that we’ll get someone else, but people are waiting for Helena and now Suzuka


I’d be completely fine if they skipped Helena and gave us JK tbh. Didn’t particularly care for Helena in general.

DW also develop the arcade right? Who in their right mind would make servants that can easily be added to both versions but decide to keep it on one platform vs the other and create more work for themselves?

Anyone here actually played the arcade? I find it strange people would play this type of game in a typical arcade environment anyway

tenor (9)

gyaru gozen

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I don’t know what’s worse: Arcade getting yet another Servant before mobile or yet another (theoretical) welfare Lancer in a row


I’ve only played Arcade once. I think they’ve updated it more since then, but the thing I like about Arcade is that you can get/ pay to print physical copies of your cards and servants, which I really like. Arcade is quite expensive to play though.

I prefer mobile, but having physical cards is oddly satisfying. If I were still in Japan I’d play Arcade for sure.
The other thing is that Arcade has a PVP mode, and I think the story is behind mobile?
When I was in Japan there was not a lot of content released yet I think. I’m not sure though, since I only played once.


I wouldn’t be surprised if santa servants remain exclusive of arcade forever and ever, honestly.

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Don’t tell me you get a card for each ascension of your servant ?

I don’t really see the point to play this game on arcade honestly ? They should just release it on PC or game console

My Christmas Gal :fgo_illya: I love her.

Gotta milk the money from the arcade crowd.

Seriously I’ve seen videos of stupid long lines for that game so it’s doing something right

Yeah same. They need some hook to get people to play arcade since most likely arcade players also play the mobile version. Still I hope we get Sita and Proto-Merlin some day. Sita just so the two can finally be together. And Proto-Merlin cause well LOOK AT HER


because a system that forces one to pay for every minute of play that also dangles real world memorabilia in front of players’ faces can extract more money than an up front and done payment system

it’s similar as to why modern games heavily feature paid dlc and developers look towards microtransactions with games now. why give your consumer everything up front when you can milk them for all they’re worth?


While you are right, it is not related to what he was saying. The point is that this VN styled, waifu/husbando collection simulator is out of place in an noisy arcade environment, unless someone can confirm arcade centers in japan are quiet and reverent :fgo_elementarymydear:

Based on the Trash Taste guys, Arcades are pretty loud due to the games so everyone brings their headphones to plug into the machines

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Oh I didn’t realize that is an option. Haven’t set foot in any arcade for a decade+ lol

I’m not sure if western machines are like that but apparently it’s a thing for Japan cause they love rhythm games and pachinko which is essentially gambling.