Swablu. potential for a comm day?

So i dont know why i’ve been sitting on an army of them, but I have and I think its in the slim chance there is a comm day for swablu. My only reason as to why woudl be that Im not sure Niantic would do a Comm day for a 400 candy pokemon, but I think altaria is a pretty popular pokemon. Granted so is flygon and we have yet to see a trapich comm day. Thoughts on this?

The shiny has already been released, so the chances of a CD solely based around Swablu are probably non-existent. It’s not a raid worthy pokemon and almost all CD’s are based around a pokemon that can be used in raids.

We’re looking at potentially Ralts, Rhyhorn, obviously Torchic, and Mudkip in our near future I think.


I agree with Beeznuts18 on this. If there would be an event of that kind, it would be for Magikarp, Swablu, and Wailmer. I think the odds of that happening though, are slim to none. I really want shiny Magikarp and Swablu. They are said to be pretty common shinies but I never encounter Magikarp despite living close to the Mississippi River in Moline! Rhyhorn, Trapinch, Turtwig, Piplup, Mudkip, and Chimchar ought to be the next few. Ralts I really want them to make one, but what could Gallade and Gardevoir’s special attacks be? Same with Rhyhorn. If they were to have had a Comm. Day for Rhyhorn, they would have had one already I think.

Plz no Swablu.

Its shiny is already available and it’s a 400 candy evolution. There would be zero excitement for it unless it had like, pentuple the amount of catch dust or something ridiculous. Even that wouldn’t be enough I think.

All the starters are a given. Other possibles are Slakoth, Trapinch, and Ralts. Possibly Rhyhorn or Porygon now that Swinub broke the mold about evolution items.

Prediction: Ralts day to be the month after Sword & Shield are released, featuring moves newly released (or newly added to their movepool) there.

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I’ll put money down that the legacy move could finally be a fast fairy type move once sword and shield comes out. (For Gardevoir)

That’s an interesting idea…it would probably have to be a Psychic type move (since Gallade and Gardevoir share that typing). I highly doubt separate moves for each evolution.

Why Slakoth?

What could be appealing about Slakoth? Unless they’re prepared to give Slaking a new fast move, the excitement for that kind of event would be rock bottom. Why do people keep saying Slakoth?

I don’t see Swablu getting a CD. It’s only a 1-stage evolution, the shiny is already available, the candy cost is very steep, and Altaria is only relevant in GL PvP and nowhere else. They’d also have to give it a useful new move to even entice the PvP crowd, most of which already have a GL Altaria.

Based on other speculative posts, I could see Rhyhorn getting a CD since it’s a 2-stage evolution, has an unreleased shiny, and Rhyperior has an unreleased signature move, Rock Wrecker.

If Niantic gave Slaking a CD with a new quick move like Counter or Shadow Claw, I’d be interested. It would be borderline terrifying in PvP, and would make it a more potent gym defender (it’s already obnoxious at higher motivation if you miss the dodge on PR).

Or they just throw down with a stardust bonus for the event. That will usually entice people to play even during lackluster CDs.

Hmm… There’s also generalist potential here. Slaking does have the stat build, particularly Attack stat, to pull it off. Something like Shadow Claw + Play Rough + Hyper Beam in partly cloudy weather, or Counter + Play Rough in cloudy weather has some interesting potential.

Before Swinub day it fit the profile of being a 3 stage, 10k hatch with an unreleased shiny. Eventually the starter CD’s are going to catch up to if not outpace the generational releases so they’ll need to pad the days somehow :man_shrugging:

FWIW a Scratch/Play Rough Slaking actually breaks the 25 DPS barrier to duo Rayquaza. Not that anyone uses anything other than Mamoswine for that but it’s something.

That was my thinking too. I’d bet Scratch as a fast move, still a solid upgrade in DPS and fits the ‘lore’. Honestly though, there aren’t that many likely candidates (especially without looking at unrelease Gen IV stuff) so even Slakoth seems reasonable! :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless they are planning to introduce some significant change to the Game in some way (similar to how Ancient Power was a significant change to PvP), I don’t see how Swablu would get a community day. 400 candies to evolve and Shiny is already released are two massive strikes against it. So to release it, there would need to be a significant incentive for people to come out for it. And while something like Triple Stardust or Triple Catch XP would draw SOME players, that would only be the hardcore players who would be out for the day anyway.

Now, a Swablu Event I could see happening - though perhaps not as a Swablu-only Event. Something where Swablu was like Aipom in the Detective Pikachu event, where it’s spawning far more frequently, and maybe where it gives a new move for Altaria (Iron Tail or Steel Wing, perhaps? Bulbapedia says it can learn both moves in one way or another, so…). But as a Community Day? I don’t see it happening.

Good news is altaria has a mega-evolution, so a swablu day seems possible in the future.
I wouldn’t say a CD, for the same arguments people said, but a swablu day can take place. When? Megas made It’s appearance in 6gen, so It can take a long time

Over here waiting for Dunsparce to get its well-deserved CD with Shadow Ball. :sunglasses:




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