Swift Sparrow 3 for Brave Roy but

Hey! I chose Eliwood for my free unit in the new Brave Heroes Banner. And then there was the Brave Roy and his Weapon Refinery… And I fell in love with him again. So, today I got a spd+ Eliwood and now I am wavering about giving Roy the Swift Sparrow 3, not to mention that merges won’t come anytime soon to Eliwood. So, what should I do? D:

Give Roy the SS 3 or merge Eliwood?

If merges are what you’re worried about for B!Eliwood, what merge is your B!Roy?


And I would probably fodder the free one to him yes

B!Roy is + 2 right now!

He is - HP. But the free one is already full built with aether and stuff cause I got the spd+ hp- later xD

I guess you just need to rate how much you miss that fodder then. But I would fodder which ever you choose

do it for roy

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