Swimsuit Okita!

Is nobody intersted? I don’t see anyone talking about it yet. For the new summer part 2 we have skater Melt, bunny Lartoria, and most importantly, jetpack Okita.

What would her class be?

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I am going to guess…Assassin?

She is probably gonna be the 5 star and we already have a Beserker as the other 5 star. Could be a caster but it doesn’t seem to fit her lore nor the Jeckpack theme. Mooncancer, Avenger, nor Ruler make sense to me either.

She could be a Rider though. Or an Archer. Apparently anything without a bow counts as an archer in this game.

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I’ve just been discussing in the main jp summer thread

I’m guessing the lion king for 5-star right now, tbh. since you know, goddess rhongomyniad and all


Well so long as Melt is an easier to get 4 star I will be happy! She is the only one from part two who interests me as of now. Of course, there is a lot Okita could do with that Jet pack to change my mind.

Lion King never interested me much after Camelot and that probably won’t change when she becomes Rulatoria.

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I only knew she was there, this is the first time i hear about a jetpack :fgo_illya:

I would like something weird like Foreigner but i bet Rider.

She could be avenger, given how long it’s been she hasn’t got one. Or Lancer for dealing with Nobu, + her general speed.

Nobu no Nobbu

If she doesn’t do extra dmg to summer servants I will be very disappointed.

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No telling what they might go with for Okita here. Could go really silly and make her an avenger with special damage to summer servants. Or could just make her a Summer Assassin which makes sense for her anyways.

I’m just glad she finally got her summer version. They were teasing about this for long enough. I could see her being one of the 4* servants of the part 2 banner.

Has something like that ever been a real criterion in deciding the rarity of a Servant? It’s so random at times, that you really have to ask yourself if they’re just rolling dice.

I mean in that as far as we know, she shouldn’t of even been summonable to begin with. so a high rarity class container seems reasonable

compare to one split-off aspect of an ai’s personality and a sickly sword girl, and…

though this is fgo, so who the fuck knows really


I just think Okita is going to be the five star because, as far as I know, Okita is a lot more popular than either Melt or Lion King.

I could be wrong but it often seems that the rule of cool overrides lore, logic, or reason when it comes to fgo.


Okita is most likely going to be the Five-Star, simply by being this years Takeuchi-Face.

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Lartoria will be an Alter Ego, maybe? Seems to fit the lore, anyway.

Okita…Lancer? I can’t see an assassin with a jet pack. But she could just be like Assassin Shishou and have the lowest rank of presence concealment, since Okita…

Caster Melt could be cool. I’m hoping for Assassin, though.

ok, but we also have a wadarco servant, and they’ve also gotten a 5-star spot every previous year

summer 2 ssr vs battle. saberface vs horny wada

Yeah, I know. But still… If it comes down to it, I feel like Takeuchis Servants will get the better treatment.

Isn’t he the main artist of type-moon?

Mugi posted this in the JP thread.

It looks like Lion King is gonna be Rulatoria this time.

I was thinking Okita would be an assassin because Jet Packs are, in my mind, very James Bond-ish. And spies seem to make good assassins.

As for Melt it does look like she will be an alter-ego but maybe a new type of Alter-Ego?

Again thanks to MUGI for the pic!

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lore-wise, i don’t think melt can be anything other than alter ego. so an alternative alter-ego-but-not-exactly seems like the only possible way to give her a new class

though for all we know she could still just be a regular alter ego lol

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Totally agree.

That is my interpretation of the Japanese from your photo. I think she is just going to be regular Alter-Ego but is trying to disguise herself with the Alias “Lambda.”

btw, if ruler and alter ego (lambda) are true and okita is foreigner

would this make summe4 p2 the first multi-servants banner with entirely extra class servants on rate up?

extra class based banners aside, of course

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double twist: both are true

if regular alter ego though, then I guess it’s somewhat safe to say her np will be aoe

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