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Anybody else notice after the “jesus” shutdown of GBL that the switch screen takes a long time to come up? And it also seems to be delayed when selecting a new 'mon.

The lag has been unbearable, for the last few days. When the GBL came back, it was flowing quite nice for me, but now it’s been three days that the game is completely unplayable.

Edit: I don’t know why I’m still trying. When GBL came back, I had a nice day and climbed to around 2100. Later, I had some bad days and fell down to around 2000. And due to lag in the last three days, I fell to 1696

They managed to take one of the most clunky mechanics and make it even worse.

It wouldn’t be so bad, but it is the single most important mechanic in PvP and it requires split second timing…but is incapable of providing it.

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Same for me. I had no lag until now.

Yep and it can absolutely be the difference between winning and losing a match

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I will never understand why they don’t add two quick switch symbols for each pokemon. They could even display the remaining hp below a symbol.

Maybe in two years after 2000 more stickers.


For this reason, I only switch during charged move animations. Trying to do it in open play is suicide.

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It happened way before that and also happens in Go Rocket Fights. Have a few Cliff Pinsirs that I have to reset because Fury Cutter generated too much energy.

Same here but a real loss of strategy not being able to get the timing right to use a 'mon to catch a charge move (either as a “3rd shield” w/lo HP 'mon or to catch a not-effective move). Significant QoL potential there. But yeah, stickers…:roll_eyes:

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