Sycamore sync grid

Does anyone know what to do with sycamores grid?
Just wondering

Master Healer and MP refresh on World is Vast is the best course of action for Professor Sycamore

Like the leech horn grid shown on gamepress?

Yes absolutely

I suggest to ask around on discord.
Some of the grid suggested here is, how should I say it, not exactly practical. I often asked the author whether they actually tested it or not, but never really get an answer. (They kinda did it again with Xerneas and putting Recuperation for all it’s build)

The best place to look is on youtube where they put their grid on test in actual battle.
From what I see, MP Refresh for World is Vast is absolute, and you can either go upper right for Moonblast focused or down right for Horn Leech focused.

Question: are the synch grids on gamepress good for other pairs as well

Yes there’s even a Sync Grid planner that you can use to make your own Grids