Sync Orb Starting Investments

So I wanted to hear everyone’s opinions on who to invest Sync Orbs in or whose Sync Grid you invested in first. When I started, Flannery was the first Trainer I put Sync Orbs into. I wanted to make Flannery a single-bar attacker that can easily fill the bar with a Will-o-Wisp + Burn Synergy + Ember combo.

If I had to make suggestions about Sync Orbs, I think Pikachu or Flannery would be good starts. Flannery for the reason listed above and Pikachu because it’s a Potion user that can get to Sync Level 3 to fully unlock the Sync Grid in 2 weeks if you’re diligent. Another good suggestion is to be prepared to spend at least 6000 - 7000 unpaid Gems for each banner. At least at that amount, you’ll have good odds of getting at least a single 5-star for each banner (~85% on a non-champion banner within the first 25 pulls).

Hau/A!Raichu is suprisingly good for Discharge spam, but I started with Red/Charizard and am now working on Oak/Mew.

My plan for Mew. Just focusing mostly on Psychic since it’s consistent across both movesets, then Thunder accuracy because more stuff in the game is weak to it than Blizzard.

As for Red…

Mostly stuff for FB like Standfast to minimize recoil. Also a Sync Move buff too for good measure.

How come your Red looks like it’s using more energy than it has? I have trouble deciding now with limited energy.

I basically minmaxed it with 3 Energy remaining. The stray stat boost to the left of the northern path used the last of it.

Oh. I realized I used a lot of energy on covering MP refresh and Speeding Sun (for single player levels). Might consider resetting. Is money the only cost for resetting the grid?

Yes, 10K to get all the Sync Orbs and Energy back.

Oh alright. Gotta think more on that, since money is definitely not a concern.

It’s also probably due to FB buffs costing less than the other moves’ buffs, this leaves room for more investments in the rest of the grid

So far I’m not sure if what I’ve done to Red was that good of an idea or not but I’m enjoying what Charizard is capable of

Being honest? I feel like I should have gone all in on Heat Wave instead so I can max out solo queue damage, but I’m concerned about Flare Blitz being more sustainable so I made that my number 1 concern