Sync Pair and Gems discussion

It’s been a while since someone created a new topic so I figured I would to talk about the the video/letter they recently released. Sounds like a lot of interesting changes are coming up which is great!

We have Christmas Rosa and Siebold coming up and Giovanni&M2 for free! Lance and Cynthia early 2020. Anyone want one of these sync pairs? I’m personally saving all my gems for Cynthia and hoping to off chance pull Lance as I dump gems into her banner.

Also, who on the team gave Grimsley the OK? The dudes offenses are atrocious! How is he a 5 star I’m baffled?

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I see M2, enough said. There’s Cynthia as well, just for good measure.

Well they’re kit acts like a better neutralizer for a buffed enemy, in which rather than just cancelling the buff, it takes for itself. They weren’t for offense in the first place. But I see your point, I was a bit skeptical of it too.

I beg to differ, he is actually good. Went and pulled him in a single 10x, and tried him out, pretty nice. Yes, he might need some teammate support to actually deal good damage, but his ability to take away ANY of the opponent’s buffs is extremely unique. +6 Evasion gives him the staying power he needs as well, shown in my earlier strat about Barry EX VH no Karen solo.

Also, before anyone jumps at me about trying to pull him, I have absolutely no regrets doing that 10x.

(Yep, that’s 3 5*s in a single 10x pull LMAO)

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Nice pulls! I also got Hilbert off banner, and have met many others that have as well. How weird.

Snatch does sound interesting on paper. Does it work as well in practice? Like, are there any situations that snatch would actually come in handy? How about co-op, are there any EX courses or others that Grimsley can work in? His Snatch ability (as well as many other Tech type pairs) is rendered completely useless b/c nearly all of the bosses are immune to the effects. Just like how Bryce’s Haze fails whenever the boss has Stalwart or Haste, so does Snatch.

Edit: He’s not super super bad, and he’ll probably be useful for the Giovanni event however but the stats he got should’ve been better.

That’s a nice 10x.

Anyway, I’m fairly new to the game but what do you mean Snatch would be rendered useless?
Also, I’m def saving up for next banner for I surely liked Totodile but I held off knowing I’d have too much strikers for now. The more I think the more I want. Lol

The only problem I see regarding Snatch in co-op scenarios is that if it takes away buffs of an enemy that only buffs itself, other players can’t do the same, but if the enemies use AoE buffs then all the players have to do is coordinate well for that strategy to work.

I hope not many bosses have a counter for that move, tho, because it’s just awesome and a defining trait for the pair. It really seems to me that without that skill the pair is just not good enough to do anything useful and their “movepool” is probably the only reason this pair will see some use, not the stats

The reason for that is because if the enemy isn’t affected by the move, then the pair can’t do much other than raise its own evasion and debuff the enemy. The damage potential of Liepard is very low, so those are its only gimmicks

Up until Hilda this is possibly the least desirable striker in terms of raw power, even though it’s somewhat of a top tier unit. It’s maybe better than Hilda & Tepig, but idk, I don’t have either pairs

Something noteworthy is that up until now it’s super important to have all kinds of strong strikers because of how co-op revolves around having strong damage dealers, especially if they can buff themselves on their own, so try getting yourself a strong striker of every type but only if you have the gems to spare


I’m not sure if I’ll spend gems on the next banners (including Grimsley), I do want to get Rosa from that seasonal scout, but iirc she’s not the only one with increased odds for that banner.

I’m trying to look it up because if Blue is one of them then I’ll give it a shot or two, then save all my gems for Cynthia because she’s a great character and from the official footage, looks promising

Clarifying a few things here:
Snatch in practice: You’ll almost certainly never get to use it. Not only because of Dauntless, Stalwart and other passives, but also because of Dark’s current limited utility. The only stages that they are actually useful are Challenge Acerola and Agatha and Pheobe CoOp and Barry EX, and very little enemy buff is present in those stages (the more useful one, Barry VH has absolutely no enemy buffs).
Side notes: The only 2 reasons you’re pulling Grimsley is 1. personal favourites (applies to me) and 2. you don’t have Karen (also applies to me). His Snatch is pretty redundant, and his only hope for relevance is when later on a Dark-weak boss pops up with big self-buffs.


I barely started and did a 10 pull this is what I got dark users unite xD


Yeah, when I did coop water events I was at awe having Feraligatrs on the random teams, all I did was apply buffs and watch them big duck damage. It was amazing and I was tempted to pull many times because of that disgusting damage. I have Hilda and Tepig, but that no recoil footsie for less accuracy feels more satisfying.

And yeah, Liepard is conditional at best probably.

Im sitting on 14k gems right now, and wont spend it until dragon masters come in January. I for sure try for Cynthia. She can rise her attack, speed and crit chance (you can check it on dev video), and have powerfull 3 bar move. If her stats will be decent she will be monster. And best ground striker for sure.
Depending on Lance skills and stats could spend some gems on him. For example if he would end up with being support: with potion and hight damage hyper beam he just need tanky stats, and some sick trainer move. Im dreaming about +acc all (with maybe speed or crit or move gauge), because miss with hyper beam will be tragic. Also my first game was PGold, and I didnt play black and white (i play it currently on emulators) so nostalgia is on Lance ;)

I dont really care about Christmas banner. I dont like sesonal skins that much in general, as I said Im just playing B&W so dont have feelings for Rosa, like many people do, and X&Y E4 was so weak that I dont even remember them. Delibird is stupid pokemon, and he is similar to Oshawott (who is better in my opionion, and will get evolution). Octillery is pretty good, but I would prefer Feraligatr that is now in banner. And Liepard have nice gimmick, but is is not worthy being 5* in my opinion.

Only Earthquake as of now and every pokemon when they mega gets a new move. I think she will keep Earthquake and have Stomping Tantrum replaced. The question is what? Dragon Rush maybe?

Not every character with potion is support. Off the top of my head Hilda and MC have potion and both of them are strikers. I personally think Lance will be a Special striker since hyperbeam will be his main attacking move. Another guess is that he will be very slow. Look at the video, and you notice that his move bar moves very slowly. This will be problem b/c hyper beam costs 4 bars but that’s why I think “Now or Never” will have some sort of gauge refill affect. So overall I think Lance may be a bulky, slow but strong special strike.

Small correction Grimsley is actually a Tech character. And I’d definitely say that Hilda is more desirable. She may not be the best striker, but she still does a great job of dishing out damage which is what a striker is suppose to do. Grimsley on the other hand, is a gimmicky, Tech character. He’s very unique and could possibly be a great Tech, until you realize that many of the important bosses are immune to Snatch taking away his niche entirely. It’s the design of the bosses that make him and many other Tech pairs useless, they definitely need to be rebalanced.

Me too. I think all mega evolving pokemons always retain their lower (down-left corner) move. Also EQ is all she needs. With new move she can be only better.

Ofc that true. For example he could be mixed attacker like Sceptile with weakish 2 bar phisical move, strong 90% acc special move, and phisical Sync Move (as he use glorify Outrage which is phisical). But instead of fast frail DPS he would be slow brusier.

But I would prefer that Dena make him support for few reasons.

  • potion (or full heal like Empoleon) on striker is waste of the slot in my opinion (unless you have synergy like Emboar recoil moves). Unless his trainer move add +2-3 to all stats and take 40-50% HP (like super belly drum). In that case give him Impervius ;)
  • if he become tanky then he is going to get agro in single player, so not the best for damage dealer.
  • dragon type is rather weak offensive type, as only dragons are weak to that, and some of them will be weak to fairy or ice
  • I think that Garchomp outclass him on damage department with ideal trainer moves (+atk,+crit,+spd), and much better coverage: ground is supper effective on all electric types, and have posible to be good on fire, rock, steel and posion.
  • he could be second Dysclops who is tanky, but can also deal nice damage with his high power move.

Unfortunelty most Tech SP are quite underpowerd because immunites on higher difficulties. It is not Grimsley fault, but it is balance issue. Players want Tech SP buffs from launch.

I’m definitely not expecting the devs to make her a dual type, so while I don’t really have much idea of what she could get, I’m expecting a ground-type attack. There’s also the chance that the moves stay the same after mega evolving (which would be lame, if you ask me, but that happens to some units)

Whatever the chosen path is, I hope she ends up becoming a strong character, because I want to have her in my lineup

I was talking specifically about Kris & Totodile, not Grimsley or Hilda, lol. I do agree with all you said, I just didn’t clarify very well who I was talking about in that text you quoted

Yeah the reason why I suggested Dragon Rush is because I cant really think of a high BP ground move that Garchomp can learn. She already has EQ and all other strong Ground moves are either Z moves or signature moves. Worst case scenario is that nothing changes so I went with Dragon Rush. Maybe they’ll surprise us.

I checked and apparently the only ground physical move that’s stronger than Stomping Tantrum other than Earthquake and it can learn is Dig, so… guess we either get a surprise or it gets no change at all

So far I’m happy that Cynthia’s going to be released, even if Garchomp only gets ground type moves