Synch orb build for Karen

Karen is my first natural 5* in masters and I recently got her synch maxed 5/5, I noticed she got a huge synch orb route, I was wondering, is there a ‘‘best build’’?
I feel like investing in bite might be a bad idea for example.


I don’t have Karen yet, so I have no idea how the sync grid looks. Would be nice if you could give a list of passives that are unlocked via her Sync Grid.

Here’s how it boils down, from my Karen’s sync grid, using this as a map

Levels are in order of unlocking, separated by pluses. Energy Costs are in brackets.

Block A - Snarl

A - Def +5 [2]
1 - Snarl: Power +3 [3]
2 - Snarl: Power +2 [2]
A - Sync Move Power +25 [5]
B - Snarl: Power +4 [3]
C - Speed +10 [4]
D - Snarl: Power +2 [2]
1 - Sp Atk +10 [5]
2 - Snarl: Move Gauge Refresh 3 [6]
3 - Snarl: Power +3 [3]
A - HP +20 [5]
B - Defense +5 [3]

Block B-D - 'Dark Pulse'

B - Snarl: Power +3 [3]
C - Speed +5 [2]
D - Dark Pulse: Power +6 [4]
1 - Snarl: Power +3 [3]
2 - Dark Pulse: Power +6 [4]
3 - Dark Pulse: Move Gauge Refresh 4 [6]
4 - Dark Pulse: Power +6 [4]
A - Dark Pulse: Power +6 [4]
B - Sp Atk +10 [5]

Block E - Misc.

E - Sp Atk +5 [2]
1 - HP +10 [2]
2 - Sp Atk +5 [2]
A - Sync Move Power +25 [5]
B - Dire Hit+: MP Refresh 3 [7]
C - Speed +10 [4]
D - Entertain Me!: MP Refresh 3 [7]
1 - Defense +20 [8]
2 - Dark Pulse: Overpower [8]
3 - Sp Def +10 [4]
A - Bite: Critical Countdown 2 [10]
B - Speeding Sun 2 [8]

Block F-H - Bite

F-H - Bite: Power +6 [3]
1 - Atk +5 [2]
2 - Bite: Aggravation 1 [10]
3 - Bite: Toxic Chance 4 [10]
4 - Atk +5 [2]
A - Dirty Fighting 5 [10]
B - Foul Fighting 5 [10]


From my point of view, Sync grids are more about what your own preferences are and less about “what’s the best build”. Well, surely there are people running numbers to min-max sync pairs, but I’ve not seen many people sharing that kind of information.

Personally, I’ll focus the Dark Pulse side of the grid, while investing the most possible in speed and Sp. Atk., currently I’m considering wether I want both passives for Dark Pulse or not rn, because regaining energy after a move is great and the extra damage from lowered sp atk on enemy might not be that high. Either way, I still don’t have enough orbs to finish a path yet, so I’ll keep my eyes open for suggestions regarding her grid as well.

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Thanks for the feedback, I can work with this :smiley:

Depending on if you’re gonna spam Snarl a ton with Karen, it might be better to go for A1B2, then B12A and D4B before crossing to E block via Sync Move Power to get 1C2 from there (total Energy cost is 59)

My reasoning is you won’t have access to Dark Pulse until you get the Sync Move off, so you’re mostly using Snarl or Bite to attack, and if you’re using Snarl continuously to boost the power of Dark Pulse via Overpower, you may as well increase the frequency of your Snarls by getting the Refresh.


I’ve done a bit of research regarding that sync grid and for a Snarl/Dark Pulse build I found out that the “Overpower” buff is quite weak. It only adds 30% damage to Dark Pulse IF the enemy has -6 sp atk. Should the enemy have a different amount then Overpower matters even less.

As a way to have a comparison, all the way to Northwest there are 2 yellow hexagons that give you +50% dmg each against enemies with conditions that are not hard to meet if you’re spending orbs to get these passives anyway, which seems way more valuable. Well, other than that you could simply get all the Dark Pulse and Snarl dmg buffs + Sync move buff (or a bit more stats instead of both of the sync move buffs) and get a good deal of damage to all the sp atk based moves.

If anyone is going for the move buffing route, energy refresh on Dark Pulse is probably very optimal, so I strongly recommend that passive as well.

rn I’m basically going for a build like this one:,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,11,12,13,28,29,31,32,33,34,35,46,47&o=738&p=Houndoom but instead of the Snarl move gauge refresh it’s probably better to get one Sync move buff, since Snarl is already very easy to spam as a 2-bar move. Maybe get rid of other stats (sp atk or spd, preferably) and go for the second Sync move buff as well, but that’s all up to preference. Just consider that it’s the only way to deal the most damage with the sync move because raw stats themselves are not so effective for this one as they are for the other 2 moves.

And that’s all I got, guys. Have fun


This is my 3/5 Karen with I think 2/20 potential. Obviously meant to be paired with a poison/trapper and any pair that can lower opponents sp atk.

I didn’t expect a reply anymore XD
Thats a good grid, im using something like it myself and she deals a ton of damage, its nice.

Ya I’ve always loved Karen, she can litterally do it all with a full grid. And personally I think the coolest meta sync pair. In terms of looks.

I actually enjoy using a flinch bite focused build along with other low move cost aggravation flinchers for Legendary Arena. While initial damage is low due to no offensive buffs, it really builds up once you’ve got 10 sync buff stacks while they’re still sitting at 0, unable to do anything until you get unlucky. If I do wipe close near end, I’m really well off still since they wont have much sync stacks for the ensuing battles.

If they don’t have flinch free than I’m able to swap a pair out for Skyla to slowly buff physical attack, and greatly improve meter economy so I can even consider using Steven along side her for some stronger damaging flinch loop.

All you need for this is Bite: Aggravation 1, with Foul/Dirty Fighting being nice damage boosts since there’s not much else that will help improve it. Really wish there was a Bite Refresh node to help with meter.