T5 raid boss after Landorus

So I was wondering, what do you think the T5 raid boss is going to be after Landorus departs? What are you’re thoughts?

If we’re lucky we may be seeing Keldeo already (the one without Signature/Secret move).

If we’re not lucky, probably recycling of Gen3 or 4 legendaries we already have before.

The assumptions above are based on the idea that Niantic wouldn’t want to give out the Shiny/Signature move variant of other SoJ members so early that just months after the initial launch. I reckon they will probably reserve them for special raid days like what they done for Cobalion.

Depends on how the coronavirus pandemic develops.

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Either a rerun or Reshiram or Zekrom is my guess. Though I really hope they continue making them available as PVP rewards, I love the Gen 5 cover legendaries.
As for a Rerun, maybe a Dialga rerun? It would help advertise PVP.

I‘d see Keldeo more as an EX-Raid boss than normal T5 since it‘s a Mythical. But seeing that they threw Darkrai in normal T5s too, I could be wrong.

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Lugia is a possibility, as it’s already been programmed and set up. It was supposed to be a special raid boss during the previous psychic event. If so, it will become a much longer r as I’d window than originally intended.

Other than that, I’m still think repeat. Giratina O. Is a good contender, as it doesn’t have a shiny release yet and is good in PvP.

The state of the global pandemic is unlikely to become stabilized by the month’s end, so the next raid boss might hinge on one other factor: Whether or not Niantic has remote raiding ready to roll out.

Niantic is unlikely to release a big-ticket raid boss if we aren’t over the hump for the pandemic (unlikely by the end of April) and remote raiding isn’t ready. If both of those are a no-go, I imagine we’ll get a rerun of something. Perhaps, they’ll bring all 3 of the genies back at once or something.

If remote raiding is ready to go, then I imagine we’ll see something new and more worthwhile. My guess would be one of the Tao trio (Kyurem, Zekrom, or Reshiram).

If it is all the same to you I would rather see Palkia or Dialga come back… or let them release the lake trio all over the world… but not something we had last month or so, if you wouldn’t mind ofcourse. They should try and keep it somewhat intresting for perople that are able to raid but not make it so that others who can’t raid feel really bad about it, if you know what I mean. And making raids from home possible could start with making gym radiuses like 5 miles or so… probably the biggest part of the players lives closer then 5 miles to the nearest gym, and after that they could keep working on making raids possible from home… and get the radius back to what it was.

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I even expect Dialga/Giratina-O to come along IF remote raiding comes out during early Master League period.

If not then probably something that will not be shiny. The tao trio I think, which I am really looking forward to

Kinda hoping for Giratina-O or Latias so I can get a 96 % IV one of each with 14-14-15 ivs to mirror my 98% & 100% Giratina-A and my 96% & 2-98% Latios. I guess I am a snotty perfectionist but the Giratina-O and Latias I have…good stats but it seems out of place.

Wouldn’t mind Darkrai and another go around with Mewtwo with Shadow Ball (not in ex-raid). Never really got the ones I wanted in terms of IVs

This. It depends, at least in part, on how the pandemic develops. I have doubts anything major or worthwhile will be presented given where the U.S. is right now in the ol’ COVID loading progress bar, given we seem to be sort of in the middle of the pack as far as reporting, testing, and death/recovery are concerned. Nothing big will be happening this month, I wouldn’t keep my fingers crossed for anything special in May, and June may be a “reawakening” period if all goes as well as can be expected. ikke mentioned the Lake Trio, and that sounds more likely for May/June/July or simply one of those months than anything I’ve thought of or seen listed. No new shinies should be released during this period, and possibly well into whenever the ass-end of the pack shows real signs of progress.

I really hope Kyurem or Reshiram, these are so powerful! But it’ll be some reruns… :S