Tactical Gale & Bolt

So, I was messing around with unit builder after deciding I needed an Arena team (regardless of BST, just a fun little team). By some weird luck, I got the idea to pair both OG Robins with OG!Chrom (in other news, local tactician twins try to keep their best friend from rushing headfirst into combat and getting killed), then use Spectrum Tactic refine for both of them, and then use Chrom’s Spectrum Bond refine on top of that. Would all three of them stack on Chrom if both Robins were in range? Would he get +12 for Atk/Spd/Def/Res? (and also +4 to all stats for the Robins?)

Visible buffs don’t stack, you can’t combine the +4 Atk/Spd/Def/Res given by the Robins to give Chrom +8 to all his stats. Besides if you were to use both the Robins with Chrom the buffs from their prfs wouldn’t even activate as there’s more than 2 infantry allies on the team.

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Hmm. The problem is that you can’t have more than 2 infantry units in the same team, as far as I recal, if you want to use the spectrum bonds.

Like @Chippaponi said, that wouldn’t work due to the requirements of the Robin’s refines. And visible (blue) buffs don’t stack, so Chrom would only get +4. If you do still want to do it just bring one of them, and no more infantry units. In that case I’d recommend female Robin to cover Chrom’s weakness to blue units.

Just checked and it looks you need less than two for Spectrum, which was the whole crux of this team :frowning: Bond just needs you to stay close

:thinking: On one hand, Spectrum Tactic is an awesome refine… On the other hand, I wanted Robins + Chrom to be on a team (and the only other way my heart would be satisfied would be F!Robins and Knight Exalt Chrom but that would also make me and my non-existent orb stash cry)

I guess I’ll have to think of something else

Well if you plan on using the Robins, here are mine for examples. Male is on a mixed team, so he has the tactics refine. But he also has a res refine too.

Cool! My plan originally was giving Female Robin the Res refine on top of having a Res boon on top of having Fortress Res plus Glacies (debatable because I also wanted Male Robin to have Fortress Def/Def Refine/Def boon/Bonfire or Ignis to match but I also wanted to give him Close Counter) so she could take on blue mages. But then I realized a) Male Robin’s Res was drastically lower than Female Robin’s Def and the only way to fix it was to also give Res refine/Res boon/Fortress Res, which ruined the similar yet different symmetry I was going for and b) I needed to come up with a proper offensive build for Chrom that didn’t include LnD because I was planning on giving it to S!Ylgr (to match M!Kana’s theoretical Fort Def/Res build) and then it’d be too similar

Teach these fools how it’s done

Yes, please. (Even though I managed to come up with a sort of new build for both Robins but that 28 resistance bothers me on levels I didn’t know I could reach but side question do link and bond skills stack? please say yes)

Someone ask for my Robins?

(M!Robin has Def/Res Ruse but I’ve been using Vantage for a bit because why not)


Well she can’t have boons or banes since she’s a GHB unit. Res would be a solid choice for M!Robin though. Really most stats are good choices for him due to his balanced statline.

Atk Smoke helps Robin tremendously, have not you thought about that? Helps when facing multiple foes of the same colour (that being Colourless and Blue/Red)

Okay but, which refine? (triangle adept my hated enemy now I’m tempted to put one of cancel affinity on both of them)

Ugh seriously, I forgot about that. And i just spent five minutes pouring over the Grails shop too

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Tactics Refine, and both Robins aren’t needed in one team, they fill the same role. Also, mages can’t use Cancel Affinity.

That would require me to sacrifice Kaze (two times?) and I’m afraid I can’t let that stand

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I have a strange urge to rename the thread ‘Tactical Gae and Bolg’


While this is true, they said they just really wanted to.

True, true (seriously, why? IS, please fix this) I guess since it’s a fun team, I wanted the main character trio together regardless (if i save do you think i can snag L!Robin instead i really want this team) and they’re all different colors of the weapon triangle