Tactical Gale & Bolt

That’s actually really funny

If you really want the trio, I advise saving for Legend F!Robin, so M!Robin can run the tactics refine and buff the other two.


I mean I also recommend only using one, but hey their choice.

I’d build them both differently of course.

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Yes. While similar, they have different roles and units they are usually used to counter.

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Goodbye weapon triangle and stash I was trying to save for Sothis :frowning: (and because it’d look cute and spring/summer/winter trio is going to take years. really, i’m a simple woman)

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Well she’s on the Julia banner right now, so maybe you can get lucky.

I honestly can’t think of anything. The most I can think of is having (Male) Robin be a close range enemy phase unit, (Female) Robin be a ranged enemy phase unit, and Chrom being a a player phase unit (goodbye symmetrical stats. it was nice dreaming of you)

Well look at my and @KupicZR’s ones for example. Again the builds will probably be similar, but not quite the same. One advantage M!Robin has is access to IVs, meaning he can be a bit more flexible in what you want him to do.

If you want to go this route I highly recommend using Owl tomes on one or both of the Robins. Owl tomes have excellent synergy with Chrom’s Bond Falchion since both require one or more allies to be adjacent for them to give stat boosts.

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I’d build them like this:

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That M!Robin looks extra spicy.

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(The thing that makes me happiest is that they both get Null skills because now I know it wasn’t a stupid idea to think of using them over Link skills) Gotcha (You think it’d be overkill if I gave them Close/Distant Def for seals instead of Quick Riposte?)

For F!Robin QR is more reliable as she’ll more likely be used in AR. M!Robin you can go wild really, given how versatile he is.

They wouldn’t be able to double on the enemy phase then.

@KupicZR This makes me want to build one now. :thinkinglikelukas:

Umm…Hone Spd for Chrom?

I was thinking of using them in Arena instead

AR is basically a worse Arena (but that makes no sense as they’re both as bad as each other) :thinkinglikelukas:
They can work with the same build.

Honestly the whole point of the OG Robins’ refine was to be used on mixed teams. If they’re not on such teams they become less useful unless you max merge them and such.

If you want dual Robins with Chrom you could always run the mighty horse Chrom.

Just a thought.