Tagging quests with field types

I know it would probably be a lot of work, but between a number of servants with bonuses due to field effects, and quests like the 8M DL campaign, it would really be nice if every quest had any field types tagged (while just listing is fine, tagging would make them searchable as well).

I stopped trying to clear lots of FQs after about Orleans, so some of the suggested locations would require 3 clears, which is kinda expensive for just an exchange ticket (though in the aggregate the QP is nice, but as I have 170M atm, is somewhat a secondary concern). Being able to see a list of all Forest/etc. quests would help me find one that I might have cleared, even if it happens to be more expensive for a single run.

For now, does anyone know of a resource that lists quests and field types?

“fgo field type” https://fategrandorder.fandom.com/wiki/Battlefield_Types
For these field-based quests https://www.reddit.com/r/grandorder/comments/dt9tkm/8m_downloads_campaign_na_master_missions_2019117/

To Complete :
To start off, you’ll need Babylonia completed to get all of these missions done. For masters that don’t have Babylonia yet, take advantage of Part 1’s 1/4 AP and get it done. For another reason on why you should do Babylonia, this year’s Christmas event requires Babylonia to be completed.

Fuyuki X-A [Burning] = 3 AP
Babylonia Eridu [Forest and Temple] = 21 AP
Orleans Marseille or Domremy or Vaucouleurs [Hill] = 7 AP
Orleans Orleans [Castle] = 8 AP
Septem Mt. Etna or Gaul or Appia Road [Wasteland] = 9 AP
Okeanos Pirate Island [Sandy Beach/Desert and Near Water] = 13 AP
Camelot East Village or Mausoleum of the Evening Bell [Rocky Mountain] = 19 AP
Babylonia Northern Hill or Plateau or Shimosa Rice Fields [Grassy] = 20 AP
Total: 100 AP

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lmao, I was just about to grab and post this

Which? :p But yes, it’s v quick n easy.

the reddit missions guide post

Yeah I figured, haha.

More people should regularly check ZenTori’s updates for the MMs.

Thanks. Like I mentioned, FQs like the Babylonia Eridu one I haven’t cleared a single one of, so it would effectively cost me 63 AP, which I more expensive than some alternatives. That’s why I’m probably going to have to search out cheaper combinations.

honestly, I’d just say to clear them out while we have this free period unless you’re like me, and still haven’t done shimousa yet

@Tetragoner yeah, it’s actually one of the things I routinely check the fgo subreddit for. it’s just so immensely useful

I really can’t stand FQ farming, so clearing it has little purpose other than the SQ. I have too many things to spend AP on atm. So I think I just do Jura + Washington for a total of 27 AP, both of which I have cleared.

I mean I’d rather run a quest 3 times and be guaranteed something than run one 15 times for nothing maybe, but your account

I just about never run a FQ for mats. I’ll just get them as they come around on events. If it’s 1 or 2, maybe, but it would have to average around a drop per 1-2 runs or I’ll just wait.

oh lol, whoops. misread

but yeah, same. minus the demanded drop rates, since that’s like a fantasy pipe dream tbh

still, turning away free quartz… how hard do you whale?

plus it’s also nice to have them done for master missions, like this

I’m F2P except for GSSRs :slight_smile: With the SQs I just got today, I’m up to over 700. I pick and choose what I roll on very carefully… My next big roll will probably be Skadi, for example. But I’d rather be spending my APs on getting embers, MP, QP than more SQ.

Any [Grass] field before Babylonia? Still didn’t complete it

Not going by this.

FYI “grassy” is translated to “prairie” on that page.

Sure you didn’t mean to respond to _arc?

Since my intent was to clarify the page for those who hadn’t studied it before, my reply to you was more for threading clarity rather than to _arc specifically.