Taiga vs dog

Hellor dear masters,

So i noticed when people advice on 3* lancers the one servant that always recommended is Cu but no one give some love for taiga. Maybe because i have Herc as last man standing but whenever i need a lancer Taiga always give a better performence on the quest than Cu.
Maybe it’s just me and my noob tactics but i wonder why Cu is consider a better option than Taiga. Taiga save my sitting organ more than i can count with her sure hit NP even with her 1/1/1 skills while you need to level fair enough skills for Cu to be last man standing if you ask me.

So what do you think about these two? Why do you consider Cu a better option? Or do you agree with me that Taiga need some more love?

Taiga is Excellent once you got her her NP-levels. There’s plenty of situations where her burst damage is enough to get done with a fight. Since you already find uses for her at 1/1/1, do her the favour of raising those skills of hers.

Cu, he’s a safety-net, really, when you can’t just burst through a fight or it’s truly just a matter of some Servant, any Servant staying alive for a couple turns at the tail end to push an almost dead boss into time-out.

Personally, I’ve gotten Taiga to 70 6/4/4 a good long while ago, while Irishman, who arrived earlier, has been stuck at 40 for several months now. I owe him his lift to 70 come next 2x/3x success up, but I know who I’ll use first between the two should I need to deploy stickpeople and got just enough room to fit a 3-star in.

I use her as third Lancer actually. The only things I hate is that long CD.

Cu was my main Lancer before Li Shuwen come… Still no ST SSR Lancer for me so I’m stuck with using low rarity lancer

I have Taiga NP5.

If i hadn’t already Kiyohime lancer and Tamashark, that i like more, i would have surely used Taiga as my main lancer. (I have also a Karna NP2 but i do not like him. He is level 1 since…January? )

For a 3*, Taiga is pretty aggressive and she has nice animations / voice / NP

I bet that a Taiga buffed by a max skilled Merlin is a very dangerous lancer

I should honestly give my np5 taiga a bit more love, but kiyolancer has #1 bond priority of st lancers for me

Cu’s just picked more since he’s can survive like, 3-4 turns. His damage isn’t as high as Taiga but his brave chains get the job done as the cleanup. Taiga is a bit more volatile since she only has a 2 time evade but she gets some damage from it. Consistency>Burst is the name of the game.

Taiga is a great front-line Lancer whereas Cu does best as a Last Man Standing/Solo option due to his numerous survival skills, so it’s not really easy to compare the two.

If not for my other Lancers, I’d definitely pick Taiga as a main DPS against Archers. The hardest part, unless someone gets lucky rolling the Story Banner, is getting her to NP5 to maximize her NP Damage.

On the other hand, Cu is often in my backline if I feel that I need him to mop up a boss/CQ.


My Kiyohime is probably my favourite servant.
I’m waiting the 14M DL to give her more appreciation. She is NP2, i’d like to make her NP3, NP4 if i can

np3 was my initial base goal with her, but I ended up settling with np2 (at least the np2 came along with her np1)

tried to np3+ on the rerun, but just got summer anne and mary

if I toss some rolls for the 14m campaign will probably depend on a bunch of other factors, since that year is ungodly packed with servants I really want

Well, i aim at Tamashark.

Mine is NP1, i want her NP2.

So, while i roll for her, i can as well roll in Tama/Kiyo banner and hope to get lucky with a Kiyo spook while i roll for Tama

tamashark’s probably like my second least desired summer 5-star overall, only beaten by musashi. nothing against, but beyond wet shirt stage 2 ascension, I just don’t have much any interest in her compared to all the others

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Well, i do not share the enthusiasm for Musashi, never used nor liked her.

And Tamashark, mine is always in her first design. (while 99% of players use her in bikini version)

you’re misreading again, I think. I’m saying summer musashi is the summer 5-star I care least for

tamashark edges her out by at least having a good design

Probably. Anyway, it’s not only Musashi. In my opinion all the new JP Summer servants are pretty weak in terms of design. My personal opinion and my tastes, obviously (save for the Welfare, i like her a lot)

yeah, understandable

carmilla’s my biggest want from the summer4 p1 banner, though okki is alright too

summer4 p2 banner, I want all, but far more because of being 2 of my favorite servants+1 servant I never expected to be summonable, unless they bait and switch that. though even if lion king is a bait and switch, I still like lartoria enough to want

Wait whaaaaaat

I smell some musashi hate here,i guess i ll go :frowning:

the best things summer musashi has going for her designs are the nerf looking swords in stage 1 and the orb ball thingies in stage 3

everything else falls into either bland or tacky to me

Carmilla especially made me raise my eyebrows. The BDSM is strong in her.

For me, the servant worth getting in 2021 (since summer 2020 i’ll have to get Nito) are:

BB Summer

Ibaraki lancer

Her first ascension is perfect !
Well maybe i am little biased since she is in my top 3 waitu and i will be rolling for np2 in shimosa but she is perfect !
And i’m even thinking of np5 her summer version when she comes out

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