Taiga vs dog

oh yeah, summer bb is by far my #1 summer servant want

mhxx and summer ibaraki lancer also highly desired (though ibaraki will likely have to be skipped if bb doesn’t come fast enough)

summer jeanne and summer mdb would be cool

summer ushi is w/e

Mhxx is not my first aim, but if i happen to be spooked anytime by a Foreigner, she is the only one i desire.

Nice servant, but sadly i have other priorityes and not enough quartz to get all.

She’ll have to wait or spook me in the banner

so I guess I shouldn’t mention how her saber form just looks like bootleg takeuchi to me?

not even sure how the artist managed that, since I don’t see this for any of his other servants

Wrong one
So basically you hate all my waifus lol

scat is fine, though that black body suit does not work with her

especially after seeing all her other outfits from her other servant forms and various ces

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Yeah i love her other 2 skins in extella link better but she is perfect in everything

(I’m also not too much a fan of her final ascension art, since it really doesn’t do justice to how strong she’s meant be be lore-wise. but that’s very much w/e)


Cu is much easier to get, his skills don’t have high cooldowns, he can last longer than taiga, and his enhancement materials seem a bit “cheaper”

Taiga has more burst damage, and her first and third skills are overloaded with effects, but unless she’s in a summon banner players may not ever see a single copy of her until they make it all the way to babylonia. Plus the high cooldowns and all that

I run them both to have fun every now and then, though


Well, part of the reason is probably because cu has been available since game launch and helped many early masters survive the impossible. Taiga wasn’t released until Babylonia and is storylocked to boot, so she hasn’t had as much battle time.

I love my cu (grailed to 90, max skilled, bond 10) but he was also my best st lancer for over a year because it took that long to summon any gold st lancers. But I always wished his np had more umph to it.

I was ecstatic to get taiga guaranteed because she really packs a np punch…but then rolled enkidu. Now I revel in my amazing 5* clay boi and taiga still doesn’t have much battle time. So I haven’t tested taiga nearly as much as cu, so it will be easy to overlook her when asked for advice on 3*s.


I see. So the real reason isn’t one is better than other but because of availability.
Cu can be summoned early on while you need to clear babylon to get Taiga and by the time someone clear the babylon they probably get a better ST lancer anyway.
So in the end it’s about me. I run trough story first and everything else second so i got Taiga earlier than most servant (Also also i’m at day 15ish so i myself consider a kind a new player than most)

Taiga is story locked!

Availability is a huge deal for 3* servants since compared to 5* servants they have the natural disadvantage in terms of stats. This means that the justification for using low rarity servants for damage usually hinge on they are easier to obtain and NP5, and Taiga doesn’t have that. This means that you are usually much better off getting some higher rarity lancer instead. Taiga is hard to NP5 unless you spam her rate-up banner, which I don’t recall which one, or the story banner. It is generally agreed that rolling on story banner is bad and it gets worse the more you progress through the story as the pool will get more and more diluted and it becomes harder to get the servant you want.
Cu’s strength lies in his uniqueness. Cu has pretty poor damage output, star gen and NP gain to be honest, at least compared to top tier ST lancers. His skills are selfish and he will only pull the team down with his unimpressive damage output. All these makes Cu better at soloing instead, a niche not many can fill actually. Taiga s strong alright, but that’s something many can pull off, and they can do it better than Taiga.

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Actually she was on rate-up for Valentines’ day this year or some event near that timeframe, I got her to np5 before even touching babylonia but never got to use her. I think she’ll also be on rate up for this X-mass event, so easy to get if you’re a fan.

Jaguar Warrior is a really good F2P Lancer. She has really good Buster Crit potential, probably the best out of all F2P Servants. However, people generally love to throw Cu out there because of his “literally cannot die” reputation.

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I have a strong merlin/Waver,Cu,Mash front line that I use against high difficulty.

Anything I use it against that isn’t high difficulty rarely sees Cu take damage If I bother to keep track, and I only got him to skill 6 on his evade skill a little over a week ago.

Even tho he’s my front liner he’ll out live my entire lvl 80 backline by several turns. Don’t underestimate how useful he can be with a well thought out setup.