Tailtiu deserves the best! Thunder Noble showcase and appreciation

Good evening/afternoon/morning/whatever time you’re reading this.

She’s finally done at her best! She’s been maxed merged about a month and a half but I just had to make sure she got the last dragonflowers and thanks to the last AR match, I got them!

Story Time. Long read ahead

I really didn’t know much about Tailtiu or FE4 in general prior to FEH since I didn’t really finish the first part. I had summoned her awhile back in my early FEH days but even with her refine, I never gave her much thought. But through Heather Watson’s voice delivery, I grew to like her bubbly, outspoken, sassy, blunt, flighty and upbeat personality plus she has purple hair so she was already meeting all my standards.

I had unmerged with her refine and was impressive with her performance that I decided to revisit FE4 because of her to get to know more of her and FE4 in general. I was happy to know her refine was a nice representation of her gameplay, I got to see her best partners and how she uses her obvious exterior to hide her insecurities about her father’s actions and how people view her yet she still preserves and fight for others. I just like characters like that. BTW Tailtiu x Azelle! Azelle when?

Of course, things changed at the Battle of Belhalla. Such a tragic fate for all those lovable Gen 1 units but Tailtiu… well …she had it BAD. That was quite a depressing moment but I learned something else about her through her daughter Tine; while she was depressed and abused to death by the witch Evil Hilda, she always protected her daughter Tine and gave hope to move on.

And just like that, Tailtiu became one of my favorite Fire Emblem characters in the franchise.

Anyways through all that, I decided to dedicate as much resources to make Tailtiu her at her best. Saving all 200K feathers, Lysithea, Sothis, Thrasir and Igrene skills and finally all the dragonflowers, I finally did it!


Before she ran this;

(She had Glimmer too)
I was never able to get Fury on her due to bad RNG luck but this build was pretty solid on her unmerged.

  1. Standard build

    An upgraded version of her usual build. When she enters brazenserpation mode, +15 True damage Luna was so satisfying to see. She cleans up Chain Challenges and Tempest Trails with this build and a dancer (currently G!Rafiel).
  2. Abyssal map slayer

    Typical nuke + 3 WOM dancers (or one or two WoM dancers + L!Eliwood depending on my mood) build. I choose blazing thunder since it matched her element. Sure, Ophelia is better and easier but Wrath +10 true damage AoE is so fun to watch armies crumble from the sassy Thunder Noble…no OG Thunder Goddess.
  3. AR-D Dark defender

    Supported by Yune and Bramimond for extra +10 HP, +3 Atk and +4 Spd, Tailtiu gets 3 IPs and with Time’s Pulse she’s good to go! Many opponents who underestimate her because she’s not Ophelia suffer dearly. Even before the +10 true damage she deals quite a lot of damage thanks to Lull spd/res 3. (Chose over Special Spiral because even if Pulse smoke shuts her special, she’ll still hit hard)
  4. Arena/Arena Assault WIP

    I could give her Null Follow Up once I get the fodder (and B duel Infantry but I don’t think I can really kill S!Berkut if I ever get him) but this build is when paired with G!Rafiel and Wrath can allow her to deal some solid damage against those annoying buffed up threats.

A journey is finished as Tailtiu makes my 12th 5 :star2: unit.

(Except for Kronya and B!Ike, all have maxed DFs)
But I’m not done with her yet. Whenever Tine, Arthur and Azelle (I guess Claud could work but Azelle is so much better pairing imo) come to FEH, I’ll make sure to do everything I can to give her the complete family she deserves.

All right, take care everyone and thanks for taking the time to read!



Oh this is truly beautiful, I’m so happy to see a finished Tailtiu, she’s not a unit one sees invested like this quite often, but when seen it’s like finding a treasure.
Now I really wanna build my own but I don’t have much skills for her, ans even if she’s another blue mage or not the strongest one: characters matter the most to me over just gameplay, and reading your post gave me one final push-up to work on her too, she was one of the best units I had in my latest FE4 run but I don’t have my save or ROM around right now :feh_elisad:.

Anywho, congrats for the finished project!! The art is lovely too.

(We need more Jugdral characters in this game such as Sara, seriously. I vouch dor the S!Tailtiu as well :fgo_badciv:)


Don’t mind me, just saving some of that art


She is my first +10 unit, she runs the fury desperation and a brazen seal, she employs glimmer.
But your builds are awesome and a great inspiration, i will give her that fodder if i had it, but for the time being she is being employed in arena and she does a great job.
(i havent played FE4 too, but her voice acting and lines convinced me, she is a great character)


I’m actually planning on merging her up! This is my planned build:

She has supports with Líf to get her to Wrath range. Might also be planning on supporting her with IP dancers.

For arena, I may change her Life and Death with Fury 4

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More of an Arthur guy when it comes to thunder nobles,but this is very nice :smirk:

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Beautiful. Low-merged Ophelias quake in their heels.

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I like when people get interested in characters to the point of playing their game or watching their show and stuff, it’s an indicator of how much you wanna like em. Very neat build she’s got.

Looks great.

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:point_up:. 100% agreed.
Glad this post motivated you. All she needs to succeed is the good ol’ Fury + Desperation + Brazen + Moonbow/Glimmer at low merges. May she serve you well as she did for me whenever you build her.

:feh_ceciliaculture: Here are the sources;

Winter Tailtiu
Summer Tailtiu and Summer Brigid
Tailtiu & Tine
Happy Tailtiu

Lif + Fury 4 with AoE sounds dangerously good on her! Good luck to you!

Arthur is pretty awesome himself I must agree. Whenever he gets in FEH, I hope they do him justice.


Yeah. That’s good character quality if a character from a different game makes me want to play their games to know them better.

Thanks for the replies everyone.