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5-Star Avenger Taira no Kagekiyo


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Please use this space to share your hot takes around Kagekiyo’s gameplay and best-use scenarios.

There’s actually a lot to unpack here. I’ll leave it to the many Kagekiyo fans to fill in the discussion, but we’ve done some of the groundwork already, like with the Jalter vs. Kagekiyo thread.

My take is that she’s an extremely interesting ST Servant who has a lot to offer solo and challenge setups. Not only is she Skadi-compatible, she is fully Douman compatible in terms of alignment, so even more options open up. I would go for her if I hadn’t already hit my limit for unnecessary and spontaneous NP5s.


Would have been nice to have her when I fought Zeus


She’s someone I’d like, but the LB6 gang awaits, so she’s my 2nd choice for the 6th anni GSSR after Morgan.

For my JP ningens, how would you say she compares to Summer Erice?

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Erice is better as a ST servant, Kagekiyo is more of a solo servant with a lot of sustain.


I got her, but only used her like 4-5 times during the first part of the event. So I have no clue. Plus her skills are only lv3 and I have no lores.

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She works well with Douman, Voyager, Skadi, Castoria, Paracelsus, Gong, and CasNero.

The ability to recharge her NP more than once and trigger those guts is key.

I think the one I won’t actively use with her is Merlin. He doesn’t bring anything worthwhile to her kit. He reduces her chances to trigger guts, she generates a ton of stars on her own, and she only has one Buster card.


Agreed. Ushivenger is for challenge quests and boss fights. I’d rather use Erice for irregular nodes.


She will work beautifully with S.Skadi when she she drops. The few times I used her, its with gong, and necromncy Ce.

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I know she will, but that’s 18 months away. I was talking only about who we already have.


Gou has limits?!?


With Voyager and Yang he’s pretty set on ST boss killers.


What part of “unnecessary” and “spontaneous” did you miss? Gou will be fine never rolling again with his collection as is


I have 0 copies of Voyager btw.

What do you guys think is the best support CE for her? I think players are only going to borrow her for boss fights so may be a guts CE? I am thinking Divine 3-Legged Race that comes back for Grand Nerofest lotto (2k attack, +20 NP damage, 1hp guts), Traces of Christmas, may be?


Voyager is AOE and very potato btw.

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Might have meant Van Gogh?

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My Jp account is rather limited so i haven’t seen her full potential yet but i had a blast using her to solo major main story fights and grail fronts.

For the CEs i’m actually curious about any recommendations since on JP i only had BG and necromancy, something that boosts crit + guts would probably be ideal but nothing comes to mind right now so i’ll have to search if we have it.

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I have chocolate heaven on her but I plan to put Necromancy or a guts ce on her when i level one up. The only guts CE I have worth anything besides Necro is Grudge Match.


Good call, I will put Chocolate Heaven for now.

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Hmm, would you say Tair or Cu-Alter for survivability and “Last-man standing-ness”