TAKE YOUR WYRMITE - Persona 5 crossover thoughts?

Contrary to the song, I definitely saw this crossover coming eventually. What I didn’t see coming was that we’re getting it later this month!

The preview of Joker is interesting. Looks like he may be a dagger. Probably shadow? Also nice that Arsène was included as Joker’s dragon override.

So, what are everyone’s thoughts? I notice Ryuji/Skull, Ann/Panther, and Morgana in the trailer, so maybe they’re coming too? As for my guesses regarding what they’ll be using, Ann with the manacaster, Ryuji with the axe, and Morgana with the blade.

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P5 Crossover?

I might have to pick up DL again

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@FutabaBestGirl is in pain

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i’m not because i have the power of unread character stories, free daily tenfolds, and like 190 total currently saved up summons so in the worst case scenario i can probably spark renren :sunglasses:

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According to the datamine

Morgana, Ann, and Sophia are the other characters. Consensus seems to be Wind Sword Morgana, Fire Lance Ann, and Light Wand Sophia

Joker seems to be Shadow Dagger with Gun Force Strike. Also Emile is the antagonist according to the snippets of story.

In any case, Event Compendium + Adventurer/Dragon Stories + 22k Wyrmite is more than enough for them I’d say

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Got a bunch of unread adventurer stories and castle stories here, too.

Meanwhile, I’m lucky that the New Year banners got me all the rate-ups on the free summons only. My stash is safe…for now.

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since rejoined, been on saving mode. so two sparks worth, but one is waiting for Grace.

is it wrong to not love Arsene though¿ wings are overrated, what about badass dresses like Lucia, Himiko, and Milady.

When is this starting again?

All the notice says is late January. Maybe the banner for the event will coincide with Gala Dragalia?

Spoiler from Datamine

It’s the default Persona for Joker, tbh if he has one for his Dragondrive Gauge it might be the case for the other Phantom Thieves too, so we’re likely going to get Carmen and Zorro too (Sophie doesn’t have one afaik from Strikers)

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Final rundown of available units:

  • Joker: Shadow Dagger
  • Sophie: Light Axe
  • Mona: Wind Sword
  • Panther: Flame Lance(!?)
  • Arsène as a dragon

Joker refused my wyrmite quick!

Too quick for a proper screenshot.
Uploading: Screenshot_20210131-010910.png…

Meanwhile (my stash was already depleted by failed attempts at GChelle), my free summon only got me a Jeanne so far. I do have a tenfold’s worth of wyrmite, but saving that until needed.

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Love how they handled this event. Just got to the Monarch Emile fight and my thoughts:

  • Presentation is on POINT. Might be my favorite crossover, more than the Mega Man one.
  • Love the song choice used here, though I’m a tad disappointed Rivers in the Desert ~Strikers~ is just in one scene…
  • Mona and Panther are actually characterized fittingly, something Persona spinoffs tend to screw up, so that’s a relief. Sophie’s an interesting character so far, though I’ve yet to do her Adventurer Story.
  • Kind of surprised at a lack of quests, especially leading up to the Warden. Would have liked to try some of the P5 Strikers stuff more but oh well.
  • Absolutely try to do the EX Raid by Saturday. They’ll let you play with the Phantom Thieves as one of the fights. Nightmare Difficulty unlocks on Thursday.
  • Kinda like the voice they gave Emile, very fitting voice for a scumbag like him
  • Saving Wyrmite for the last day of the Part 1 banner so I don’t waste the free tenfolds. I did get an Arsene already though.

Saving Wyrmite for the last day of the Part 1 banner so I don’t waste the free tenfolds.

That’s my plan as well. All we know about Part 2 is that Panther will likely be there.

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It’s a Panther/Arsene focus with non-focus Joker and Mona. Also only getting 2 free Tenfolds for it and one’s a voucher.

I still wouldn’t pull on that over Part 1 if you want Mona/Joker. The Two Part banners are notoriously bad for that sorta plan


Well, I may have spent some yesterday, but yesterday and today blessed me.

Mona came yesterday, while my target, Joker, arrived today! Time to put away my stash.


Update: The Expert Trial Fights have Rivers in the Desert play, event saved

Oh I also got all the focuses so far.


Update on the event: I not only did the Expert trials

I soloed them