Taking a month-long break

All right guys. I’m gonna be taking a Month-long break, not for the reason you think. I got a solid haul, but I think I should’ve quit while I was ahead. I ended up pulling AA on my first Multi, so that would have been fine, but I wanted a NP2, and this is where I begin to realize my problem. During half the day yesterday, I was pretty much looking at videos of other people rolling just so I can scratch that itch. During that period and my time rolling, I was pretty much acting like an addict during the entire the entire day with the thought of “I have to roll. I have to roll” pretty much being the theme of the entire day. Sone might think it would be exicitement, but I know myself pretty well, and that was not excitement. I got my main target with 30 quartz out of 700. I should’ve stopped there, but nope. Kept going and kept rolling.

I think I’m going to take a break until maybe the anniversary or something close to it.

Be back guys and good luck on your future banners.



Sounds like a good plan! Taking care of yourself is best, and I’ll make a note not to remove you for the next month :slight_smile:




I know we haven’t really talked or anything, but good luck with your break ! I understand what you are going through, a break really helped me as well.


That is a smart and responsible thing to do!


Hey, I’m kinda coming out of nowhere, but gacha addiction is hell. I can relate. And in the aftermath, it always hurts. I hope you’re fine, and if not, that you will be. Take a breath.

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Good that you know yourself good enough to know your bad habits. Fighto!

I’ll see you in a month or so.


Man! Your a good example to us who are addicted to games and I have high respect on you sir!
Hope you will have a nice and wonderful break!

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Aw! Hope to see you in a monrh Ill miss you!

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