Talk About A Kick In The Teeth

So, I’ve been slurking in the shadows for a while, but never posted as most of my questions tend to get asked by others. This Mythic/Legendary banner was the first one since I started just afer the previous one ended…

I thought those banners had a higher appearance rate, but after 110 orbs I got Ike… I don’t kbow if this is normal, but I figured since I had only been playing a few weeks restarting wouldn’t hurt too badly. So i spent two days rolling and re rolling to see if anything interesting popped up. I got an interesting hero out of my free pulls and I pulled a Thrasir and an Ike again (what the frack is an extra Ike good for anyway?), but I realized I used the default name when I started this game. Is there a way to change it? I don’t like the default name and I don’t even accept friend requests from people who use the default name (call me shallow, it okay; I know it’s dumb)… so it is really bugging me. So if there is a way to change your name in the game I’d apprciate it if someone could help me out.

Oh easily done.

Go to settings

Click FAQ/Etc

Then click change nickname


utilize the search engine