Hi I just got tamamo no mae and I’m unsure of what team I need for her to work best in. I do know that she’s a great arts support but I need some suggestions on what servants I should use around her. Thx

If they have at least 2 arts cards and an arts NP they will probably work well.

Waver is a solid option as 2nd support (as is Mash) and then you need a DPS. Vlad III, Squirtoria, Robin, Nero Bride (can also be 2nd support), Ryougi Shiki (assassin), Euryale, Demiya, BB, Summer Mordred come to mind quickly.

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Tamamo is great with anyone who either spams their NP or is good at stalling.

For Example, one of the best known Tamamo teams includes Beserker Vladd and Nero Bride. Tamamo uses her fox wedding to boost Vladd’s Damage as does Nero’s Flowers skill. Then Nero uses her Stars skill to boost Vlad’s np generation. Finally through arts chains tamamo uses her NP as a NP batter for nero and Vlad.

The result is Vlad, whose NP generation usually sucks, spamming his now suped up NP over and over again. And given that Tamamo’s NP also reduce skill cds you can use your skills over and over again to create this NP loop with Vladd. In addition Nero, Vlad, and tamamo all have defensive skills to make them hard to kill.

Some other NP spammers to consider include Beserker Vlad, Nero Bride, Archer Altria, Waver, Merlin, BB, and Rider Mordred. Pretty much you want arts servants with either good NP gen (Nero) or a good NP refund (Vlad) to allow you to use their NP over and over again.

Tamamo also is known for being paired with Ruler Jeanne D’Arc and being a stall/zombie team. In this set up the purpose is to survive by any means necessary and usually involves using skills to prevent an enemy from being able to use their NP.

You could pair the two of them up with Eurayle and have an endless supply of skills to prevent a NP. Eurayle can charms the enemy unit either through her skill, or her NP. She and tamamo can also drain their NP gage. Jeanne can stun them. All of this to give Jeanne enough time to fill her NP gage to full and cast a group wide invincibility so that when the NP does hit you take no damage and can begin again. Further, between Jeanne and Tamamo you will be showered in healing making your team pretty much immortal. All the while art card chains and tamamo’s NP will fill their NP bars and resets their cds.

Some servants you will see on this team include Ruler Jeanne D’Arc (almost required), Eurayle, Orion, Waver, Red Nero, and Archer Altria. What you want here are servants that have either survival or abilities to prevent an enemy from using their noble phantasm. Any arts servant with a charm (Eurayle), stun (jeanne/BB), np drain (orion/waver), or strong survival skill (Jeanne/Merlin/red Nero).

Thus, Tamamo’s niche: Being able to NP endlessly while at the same time making a team nigh immossible to kill.


Orion can replace vlad in a tamamo +waver stall setup. I find Orion has a much more forgiving playstyle at the expense of dmg output. High skills levels required and you will never see an np,
Demiya and Rider Mordred can also work but is less ideal because their np charge drain is chance based. Euryale also suffers from this issue somewhat.

Ok thks a lot

Will this work?

yep that’s one of the best support lineup possible.
Tamamo and waver work really great together and then you can add an arts damage dealer (one of those lost already mentioned)

One word of warning though since you only just got her - her skills are very costly to level up and you’ll need them particularly in harder content.

Start farming bones! Level Fox’s Wedding, then Curse, then Morph. Ideally, you’ll 10/10/10 her ASAP. Since her NP reduces skill cooldowns, those extra levels are really noticeable.

Her skills are costly to raise but none of the mats are terrible to get ahold of. She only needs hearts to ascend. Pages and bones are probably the worst, and only because of the quantity. But pages will drop while you farm caster gems for her, so it’s really not as bad as I seems.

But those bones though :upside_down_face:

Um, for teammates

Support #2:

Emiya Alter
Rider Mordred
Li Shuwen
Da Vinci
Void Shiki

Prisma Cosmos
Tamamo’s Fan Club (Bond CE)
Magical Girl of Sapphire
Formal Craft

Definitely fou her, too. She mostly gains NP through arts chains, so you’ll select her cards a lot. That extra 1k attack goes a long way.


I’d argue Archuria has a better playstyle than Orion assuming you’re not fighting males. Her first skill’s arts buff can stack with Tamamo’s third skill to almost guarantee another NP the next turn all while having better damage scaling. Her biggest weakness is honestly just the 70% NP drain chance, but if you’re spamming her NP than chances are it’s going to proc 7/10 times.

Ok thks a lot. Maybe I might use the free 4star ticket to get Saberlot?

Run a Tamamo/Mash/Jeanne team. Make sure whichever one you’re borrowing is a friend’s so you can use their NP. You will literally never die. You might not ever kill the enemy, but you won’t die at least (so long as the enemy isn’t a Berserker or Avenger).

Hue hue hue, was listening to Billie Jean, and got inspired.
Also drawing from my traumatized experience of mass farming Bones for Mama Raikou, Shuten Douji, Shishou, Tamamo, and others…

Tamamo is No Mae waifu.
She just a girl who says I need to farm.
Her skills need lots of Bones.

My perspective -70% is not 100% - when you need it, it can fail. You can say more dmg, oh you can spam np, all of which is true but you cant spam np or do dmg when the drain fails and you have to eat an np and are dead because rng screwed you. There’s no hard survival skill in this squad. An np gets off that’s a guaranteed wipe. Dmg is not my concern in this setup. I’ll gladly take reduced dmg output penalty. Consistency and reliability is more important to me as this is my primary cq setup.

You should use the ticket for whoever you like most.

THAT SAID, I highly recommend getting a story locked SR you don’t have over using it just to have another arts servant.

That said, get whoever you want.

I’ll take it that you haven’t used Archuria. Though if we’re talking cq setups than zerker Vlad is the better choice with Tamamo assuming they both have their skills on low cooldowns to take advantage of skill spamming.

I have used her numerous times she’s bond 8 9/9/9 on my account . 70% is not reliable enough. She’s not my primary choice in a stall setup. You may want to gamble on it but I’ve had it fail enough times consecutively on back to back nps to make her not my preferred choice. Basic maths 100%>70%.

I fought one of the bosses in Onigashima with Waver, Euryale, and Tamamo, and it was great. With that team, between 2 or 3 Waver NPs, Euryale and Tamamo’s drains, and the combat suit, the boss almost never had a chance to NP.

A few things about Arts teams though, is that they are best at, and the most fun at, NP looping. But that usually takes a little time to get going, and it’s probably mostly wasted in farming situations. Also, for Tamamo to really shine, you’ll want most of your teams best skills at L10 because part of the fun of Tamamo is watching those CDs get reduced to the point where your 3-turn skills have just about 100% uptime, and L10 on a base 7 CD skill is needed to get there.