Tamarinne Build?

What would be the best build for a lvl 50 Tamarinne? I’ve currently got her on a defense and attack set, both lvl 50, at the time they were all I got but now I’ve got a lot more to choose from.

So what would work best? A speed set from the Wyvern or a Banshee set?

SPD > Health% > Defense > Effect Res > Attack

Her gearing is definitely a WIP, but even like this my Tama does so much for the party. SPD set is great for cycling through turns because you want to get through those long cooldowns as quickly as possible. Also got SPD mainstat boots and Health% on both accessories for better heal scaling. ATK isn’t a horrible stat to have on her, given her dispelling AoE attack in idol form, but Health is better because she’ll mostly be healing. Defense is okay too-- other Heroes make better tanks, but sometimes Tama goes in front for easier missions like farming fodders and Awakening runes.

With Tamarinne, you need

  1. Speed, to cycle her s3 faster.
  2. Health, to increase her healing amount.
  3. Effectiveness, for her dispel % during s1-idol mode. Essential for Golem 11 and Azumashik 11
  4. Eff Resist, so that she’s not stunned when her s3 is available

What i did for her:

  1. maxed s2 and s3.
  2. Speed/Health set with health% on both neck and ring, speed on boots.

Hope that helps

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