Tammy Recruitment before main event

As the title states I am looking for maxed out Tamamo supports to help with farming the main event lottery quest.

Put ya friend codes down below!


IGN: Comqueered

FC: 615,859,821

Haaaaave you tried your luck out here?

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I was having trouble finding that thank you. I checked and predictably most casters I see are Skadi and Waver. So while I did post in there now that you’ve kindly linked it, I think I’ll probably have better luck here.

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As someone with both Lancelot AND Skadi, I do understand why that would be the case.
However, the Sieg looping starts are popular in this event in particular so…hope you find some Fox Wives in there! :fgo_tamamo:

I’ve always got tama up in the second caster support slot 161862964

Leave ign so I get the right request

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The Sieg looping involves Waver and not Tam, so i don’t think he will find any Tammys until maybe Prelims (Assassin enemies).

Oh I thought that…oh I see…you can tell I haven’t checked the Spreadsheets, right? :fgo_casgilworry:

Fair point, then.

My Tamamo isn’t maxed, because bones, but I do have her max level and S3 is maxed. Just… not the charge or defense boost…
If that’s fine with you, 730,358,654.
Just let me know what your IGN is so I can lock you.

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IGN is Conqueered same as on here.

My FC is also 615859821 if you need it. <3

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…That grailed NP3 100/10/10/10 Amakusa…
I was just thinking that he might be useful for Leonidas’ CQ.

BTW, you might want to update your event roster with GilFest CEs. (I’d appreciate Grudge Match on Amakusa, personally.)

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I did just now actually! I realized I forgot to equip the event CEs aa soon as I got them.

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You don’t read the story and don’t read the spreadsheet?

Are you me? I will send you a request when I’ll have a free slot, if you’re ok with it.


Okay, you are locked in for another tama who can’t get a boot from the nonexistent merlin or skadi

Hopefully I get a lot more CKT drops so she and waver can have mlb CKT :crossed_fingers:

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I have all four of the Big Supports, but now that I’ve actually leveled Tamamo, she’s probably going to become a permanent fixture on my support list due to how uncommon she is.

I wish I could properly use her, but every time I do, she gets focused down and melted within two turns.

Tama really shines in a stall team. Do you have Edison? Waver tama Edison with PC all around (if you have em) is really fun on CQ’s (but so far not these exhibition ones). You can line things up to let tama get 500% oc which is nice, while Edison and waver ensure the enemy can never np. Can’t wait for edison’s RUQ to make it even better!

No Edison, sadly.
But I Jeanne, Merlin, Waver, Tamamo, even some of the recommended “DPS” for Stalls, such as Void Shiki…
And always, without fail, the enemies attack no one but Tamamo until she’s dead.

Edit: And yes, I have one MLB Prisma Cosmos. I’m on the look out for any more that I get.

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Try leading with her morph skill? I also gave her those defensive codes for an extra damage reduction and heal to help her out (I don’t solo so she made the most sense). And my ideal holy knight ce in the back for 1k extra hp.

Looks at my lone PC… Sniff

Her Morph skill is currently Mat locked because of Bones.
Literally the first time I’ve been in bone hell. :joy:

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Christmas is coming with bones in the lottery! Save a couple apples!

I have enough apples that I don’t really need to “save.”
I had over 200 each of Silver and Gold apples, and I still have 180 Gapples and over 100 Sapples even after opening 125 boxes.

Just need Fangs, Bones, and Hearts for a bunch of skills.

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