Tana... another lancer

Yesterday people told me to merge bebe Morgan, and I did it, but now there is now a question
Tana’s B skill
I wanted to add her dive bomb but a bebe merge was better for you guys
I want to give her swift sparrow 3 so she can be with her friends Eirika and L’Arachel’s speed
I currently have her with the typical fury desperation, but it hasn’t helped her a lot lately so I thought of adding SS3 to her

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Her weapon is more EP, and her speed is mediocre, so I would work with that. Here is a sample build I thought of off the top of my head.

Really any combination of stance 4 and seal stance would be fine. Might even want to stack more speed to ensure doubles.

Merges and flowers would always help.

Mine looks like this and is budget:

Works fairly well, isn’t anything spectacular.


Tana’s Vidofnir strongly encourages an enemy phase or least a mixed phase playstyle, which was why I voted for Morgan in your other thread. Vidofnir is basically a Silver Lance on Player Phase – if you really want to Player Phase with Tana, you’re much better off with an inheritable lance like Flowing Lance or even Firesweep Lance (but at that point she competes with much easier to merge lance fliers)

Steady Posture is a cheap way to improve her enemy phase. Tana’s defenses are a little too low to reliably use Pegasus or Wyvern Flight, but Guard Bearing is a good option


I was planning to give her another lance yes


This is my Tana that I merged and use as a melee and dragon counter. With her refines effect and the skills active, she’s essentially getting +10 atk, +14 spd, and +11 def/res with damage reduction, guard, and self sustain healing on enemy phase. She’s served me very well lately since I’ve updated her skills.