Tanky-ish Shiida Build?

I sniped Blue in the Iceberg banner to get a Fiora. After I get her DFs tomorrow, I intend to fodder her to Shiida.

I was thinking of giving her an alternative build.

This is her right now:

Does something like this look interesting?

I want to give her Pegasus Flight no matter what and have 4 Kliff Manuals and never gave Fortress Def/Res 3 to anyone since its release.

@nobody625, what do you think?

Thank you.


You @ed me :fgo_ereshlove: thanks

It looks interesting for sure. However, I’m doubting her ability to actually do any damage :feh_marththink:

45 atk, with Pego flight at max 52 atk, is gonna be hitting 0s against a lot of units. While I think she will be quite tanky between the Pego flight and rein.

The first build is better for sure. Fury 4, Pego flight, rein and SS/phantom res is pretty much her optimal build. My personal preference is for an impact or SS3, but fury 4 certainly has its boons.

The second build seems… fun to use, but not very practical. While her tanking ability could actually become pretty good (47 effective def, 57 effective res) I don’t really think she’ll actually deal any damage.


I was considering changing Fury 4 since she’s not gonna have Desperation anymore, and Fortress Def/Res would help get stronger Flight procs while not worrying much about damage.

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