Tannenbaton or Odd Recovery

I sparked Sephiran last month and after finally getting his feathers and flowers, I can fodder him.

I wondered which fodders was the best for Ethlyn, I have others great fodders like all the push skill and Melancholy.

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Odd recovery. That broken shit gets rid of isolation

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Odd recovery probably. C skills are mostly eh, and odd recovery is great, while there’s lots of other options for the weapon slot which are also really good :feh_birbpeek:


Tannenbaton has so many alternatives

OR is arguably the best skill healers have gotten since Dazzling and Wrathful Staff


Kill two

Though Infantry rush in my case is probably better

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It’s kinda difficult. I don’t know if it would do either skill on a horsey. Mostly because Odd Recovery is within 2 spaces is it not? and so is tannenbaton. yeh - two spaces… and with her being a horse she might not always be within two spaces. vs a flying healer or an infantry one. (or Eirika/Sephraim providing they can only move at most 1 or 2 spaces).

Tannenbaton+ doesn’t really have other alternative. The side grade version is Toasty Skewer and it doesn’t give guard.(My Mercie has the skewer (because i wanted her to have a balm+ as well). and it comes in very handy but to also have a drive guard effect to it is just chef kiss.

So for me - I am actually doing Tannenbaton + & Odd Recovery Level 2. She still heals 10/negates the penalty anyway and to me having the stave + to be refined and the extra might was worth more than an extra 10 healing. . I also believe that Odd recovery is going to be one of those skills that will start to pop up on other future healers. (so for example if it’s a healer that comes w/push 4 or something, I can give Mercie push 4 and the last odd Recovery. for the most part. my Mercie is mostly a support/drive unit with offensive capitabilities so that’s what made me decide that.

(also i am saving orbs for his banner in Christmas so on the OFF chance this is wrong. I can also get odd recovery for everyone else while i chase down hildas).

okay - so for Ethlyn.

Weapon: Melancholy/Balm+.
that’s the neatest inheritance you can do from Silque.
Pain+ is always good for the pain +/ double savage blow

Other considerations:
Rapport Wand+ (At start of turn, grants Atk/Def+5 to ally with the highest Spd for 1 turn. (Excludes unit.) from V!Silque (this would also be good w/spd opening 3 so they basically get a spd buff/atk/def + for supportness) all zee buffs. doesn’t even have to do a blessed thing. (her s slot then could be res tactic and then that’s just spectrum buffs for that unit)

and of Course Palm Staff +. (which is always fun if you want to make her super offensive)

A Skill:
Atk/Spd Solo (3 or 4) or Atk/Spd Push 4. (if you have it to spare - also close foil/close counter). then that way depending on the map you can have her be a bit tanky and take a hit. people might laugh too but if you wanna save the +4 fodder - simple atk/spd 2 works fine. (people poo poo this. but i mean. it works)

B Skill:
wrathfuld/dazzle. she could probably do lull Atk (or Spd)/Res if you go palm staff route. or lull atk/spd - wings of mercy is always fun for a medic

C Skill.
tactics. savage blow. gaps could work here, the opening skills.

again. this is just for moi - i wouldn’t do Tannenbaton/Odd Recovery on a horse simply based on positioning (but then to be fair it wouldn’t hurt either). but again for me. i stated that i would want the stave vs. the skill as it could be unlikely that we’ll see the stave again - but the skill for sure won’t be a one and done thing.