Team advice for a newbie

So made a new and my first ever account for jp and I need advice on teams, specifically a team that could help me clear out a good amount of story fast, so I can collect SQs (I am F2P) and a team for farming.
Oh, my level is 26 and my max party cost is 55 but at the rate I am playing that will change.
So anyway these are my servants (some of them I just got like MHXA and skadi)

And these are my CEs.

Follow a whale with a MLB scope Arjuna Alter and let him carry you through Part 1.


Already following alot of people with scope on their berserkers but I try to find at least one person with that.

If you really want to enjoy the game get a whale with good soloer servant.
My secondary account pretty much soloed all content up to shinjoku.

For servant you need to level out of the f2p, here a couple I suggest that will be strong now and in your future.
Mash (she is op after camelot)
Hans (since you are in jp, his strengthening quest for the third skill is very good)

If you have those 2, you are pretty much set with all DPS from the friend list.

You have to level their skill tho, but their cost is very low.

Thanks alot.

You could alway friend me on JP


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Right away, thanks for that

I just sent a request and your in game name is very appropriate from my situation lol

Accepted, are you Ras?

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You have Skadi and MHXA which will make a great boss killing team once leveled. You should also level Euryale and David for when you get to Camelot. They help a lot on one of FGO’s more infamously harder quests.