Team advice


So I managed to roll Nero Bride, but I don’t know who to team her with seeing as I don’t have Vlad, waver or tamamo.
And the SSRs I have are: Jalter, cleopatra, Drake, Blavatsky, Emiya, Herc, Nursery rhyme, Saber alter, Gawain, siegfried, Stheno and chacha. I was thinking of using her with a friend’s tamamo and hans but I don’t know if it’s good enough :0

Any help is appreciated!

PD: What’s a good CE for her other than Heaven’s feel? :00


I just got her a few days ago and after testing around, it seems like she can go well in many different team comp.

For starters, just use her as a support since you don’t have Merlin or Waver. Pair her with Helena or Hans or Mash (her invi + taunt are important hard defense), and another DPS depending on the node. Her 40% atk up is no joke, and since you don’t have those EX tier supports, she can be universally useful for most of your team comp.

If you want to use her as DPS, bring a friend Tamamo and a Mash (hard defense). Umu Bride + Tamamo + hans can work as well, since with crits her NPAA chain can refund 100% NP sometimes. You can also consider even Merlin or Waver with hans for more crit damage if you fancy that.

CE for DPS? I personally use blue kaleid or another ending. Basically most Arts CE works for her since it stacks with her 1st skill multiplicatively.