Team Build?

What’s the strongest most powerful team I can make whilst still linking well?

Hybrid Saiyan Team:
Core: SSJ2 Teen Gohan -Red-, SSJ Goten -Purple- and Ultimate Gohan
Bench: SSJ Gohan -Blue-, SSJ Kid Trunks -Yellow- and SSJ Goten -Green-

You can make a lot of really good teams but I guess this is the strongest you got there, just because you got two LF units here.

Thank you so much, I haven’t been able to grasp the whole system behind tags and that so I usually just go for power

It’s really simple, you just gotta check their Z-Abilities and what tags they buff and what buff they give. For example: I have a LF Goku, he’s blast oriented soo i should buff his blast damage and a little of his strike damage. Of course, this will depende on your playstyle, you can always go for defense.

What do you mean by LF? :joy::man_shrugging:t3: Thanks for the help also

Legendary Finish Lol