Team building advice

Hi, I’m a new player, just wanted some advice on how I could build my teams. I tend to prefer servants with high attack. According to the gamepress tierlist, most of my SSRs are trash so that’s concerning

Although it is a little counter-intuitive, the best way to build a good attacking team is to focus on supportive servants. I see you have Waver. Focus on leveling his skills up, it will literally make every team you use stronger. Same with Skadi. (Although Waver has a little more general use than her.)

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You need to lock up those SR and fully ascended servants immediately.

That is not a request! :fgo_badciv:

That doesn’t really mean much in fgo terms.

Essentially team building works per wave.
3 enemy on a wave => AoE servant
1 enemy => ST servant.
2 enemy => both.

Preferably buster if damage is of concern or anything that you can boost. For instance Ishtar Rider deals a lot of damage as a quick AoE servant and can provide support to both quick and buster, meaning that you can start with her all the while boosting a later buster unit for a better clean up last wave (usually the hardest)

Class advantage should always be considered too but I am guessing it’s obvious information.

Might not be the right place to say that but GP tier list never was very relevant. It is supposingly made to help people with E luck who face card. Unless that’s your situation and goal nothing they say actually applies to your roaster.

All of them are good farmers and will do great as long as you have the tools to use them. You already have waver and skadi so already have a good coverage in that regard.

Here’s something to consider. The actual damage calculation of an attack is far more complicated than just the base ATK stat and class advantage/disadvantage. There’s also class modifiers, attribute modifiers, special damage multipliers, a randomized multiplier (0.9 to 1.1, which is why damage can vary), and the NP Damage modifier (if using an NP of course).

So while the ATK stat still does play a part, it’s not the best way to gauge how strong a Servant can be.

Since you have them both, let’s use Herc and Penth as examples. Assuming 1k ATK Fous, max ungrailed level (level 80), skill level 10, and NP1:

Herc will have an ATK stat of 11655, and deals 56320 damage on average.

Penth will have an ATK stat of 11502, and deals 61190 damage on average. And IF her enemy has the “Greek Male” trait, then she will deal double that at 122381 due to the special buff from her third skill.

As you can see, the difference in ATK stat is small, only 153, but the potential different in damage is enormous. This is because of how damage is calculated after buffing.

Another example, to show how NP levels and NP Damage modifiers affects NP damage, is your Lancelot and Caesar. At max level, 1K Fou, Lancelot has 10949 ATK while Caesar has 8497, a difference of 2500.

Lancelot, at NP1, deals an average of 29464 neutral damage. At NP2, he deals 39285 neutral damage.

Caesar, with skills at level 10 and NP5, deals an average of 42801 neutral damage. And this is in NA. In JP, he already has an NP Strengthening quests, so his damage would average 51361 neutral damage afterwards.

As you can see, despite a difference in ATK stats, Caesar can easily surpass Lancelot’s damage. And this is only with the buffs they have in their own kits. This does not include buffs from other Servants.

Even if a Servant doesn’t have offensive buffs of their own, outside buffers such as Waver, Skadi, Merlin, and Tamamo (the top four support-type Servants) can give a Servant a massive boost in damage.

So I suggest focusing less on the base ATK stat, and focus more on what each Servant can do and the level of synergy they have with other Servants.

A low rank on the Tier List doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not usable. In many cases, some Servants rank low simply because of too much competition in their class or role. FGO is a game where you can clear practically all content using ONLY the 1-3* Servants, plus Mash.

Waver is an all-around buffer. While not the best in terms of specifically buffing damage, he still provides plenty of utility for any team. Buster Servants are almost always paired with Merlin, the premier buster buffer in the game. A lesser substitute would be Shakespeare.

Skadi is the top Quick buffer in the game. Pair her with any Quick-centric Servants and their damage will soar. Caesar’s damage of 42801 will increase to 64201 just by applying Skadi’s Quick buff on him, for example.

Common team setups tend to be 1 DPS and 2 Support. Or 1 DPS, 1 DPS/Support hybrid, and 1 Support. If you have the Combat uniform, you can bring another Support in the backline and swap them in for extra buffs.

Out of curiosity, how new of a player are you? How long have you been playing?


Ummm very first thing they say


I started around late March, when the saber wars rerun was still going on

Arjuna has a relatively poorly optimized kit. His card layout, short steroid, and generation stats are less than ideal for his damage role, while his strongest skill, Hero of the Endowed, is gated by a high cooldown. Sounds to me they’re basically saying Arjuna is trash

You’ll need to try to think differently. With long cooldowns and short steroid uptime, you wouldn’t want to bring him to long fights. In that case, don’t.

No single Servant can do everything. So you need to pick the right Servant for the right job. Arjuna is primarily used to clear a wave of enemies more than anything else.

With an NP charge of his own, he’s made to be brought to short fights as a wave clearer. If you have enough k-scopes and/or MLB Imaginary Element (or even just 50% Starting NP CEs since you have Waver and Skadi as NP batteries), you can bring a team of three Servants with their own NP Charge skills and fire off three NPs in a row to clear three waves of enemies.

If the last wave has a boss level enemy with mid-high HP, just bring an ST NP Servant and swap them in with Order Change to kill the boss. Or just let them jump in if you’re using Arash to clear the first wave.

Don’t worry too much abot tier list placements they are more of a guide than anything and all the SSRs are gonna perform well regardless because of their stats.

As for team building Waver, Support Merlin/Skadi/Tamamo, Random dps is gonna be an optimal setup for pretty much any content. Take a support that helps out the primary cardtype of your dps e.g. Tamalancer is a buster damage dealer so bring Merlin.
Alternatively you can bring a semi-support if you wanna focus a bit more on burning enemies down
Attack is important however it’s not as important as I think you believe. A servants kit or their np is far more valuable than a high attack for example Arthur has the best stat spread for a Saber in the game but his kit is so muddled and his np is noodly that he’s just not really competing with the other sabers in his rarity.

In direct comparison to his SSR competition he is but he’s still an SSR with SSR stats and a half decent kit which puts him above a lot of the servants in lower raritys below him.

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Yeah, SSRs that rank low are like that because they are compared to great and excellent servants, however that doesn’t mean they’re trash.

Arjuna is a critical and AOE damage dealer that can deal good damage in both fields when used properly and Void Shiki is a tanky AOE Saber that can pull off multiple NPs more times than you think because of her Arts oriented deck and kit.

Gotta say, you have cool servants, man.

Against Rider nodes, Assassin of the Nightless City is a servicable offensive support that can also serve as a mini DPS.

Nitocris and Void Shiki are fun to use in bronze and silver mob nodes. They’re niche, instadeath, is poop against bosses but make farming a bit easier (except for NP looping) which is majority of the game.

Lastly, Caesar, Fran, Astolfo and Rider Ishtar make the best use of a nicely levelled Skadi.

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Unlike many other games, the attack stat in FGO is a relatively minor influence on the use of a servant, as others have said. See that archer in the 3rd row with the (currently) low stat of 5k? He’s actually potentially one of the most useful and strong farmers in the game. You see those two casters in the first row with 10k attack? They’re great, but you would be using them wrong if you treat them as attackers.

FGO is about:

  • Team synergy: making a whole team better than the sum of its parts.
  • Niches: many servants have a niche they are strong at. Anti-divine, anti-male, anti-female–for targets affinities. Also there’s single-target, AoE, crit-based, NP-loop-based, etc. for usage niches. Plus, events often have servants that have bonuses, either damage or drops, and so you need to be flexible, and not rigid.
  • Strategy: whether it’s coming up with a 3-turn clear, or figuring out how to win a tougher, longer fight, you need to lay out a strategy that can overcome the enemy before you die. This also involves actually planning on what happens when the front line falls, to actually orchestrating when a servant dies, or using the combat suit (plugsuit) to swap servants.
  • Tactics: this is the turn-by-turn play, where you need to learn when to activate skills to be the most effective, as well as optimizing your card choice and order, as well as planning on how to take advantage of good RNG, and mitigate the bad. If you can, learning to card-count can be quite useful.

While it’s true that some servants are better than others, the more diverse your roster, the better off you are in FGO because a good number of them will find a use at some point or another. When starting off, you won’t have that diversity, but it’s something to work towards, IMHO.

jalter has the highest base atk in the entire game plus a skillset aimed squarely around making her hit even harder than she normally would, and yet she’s generally considered an, at best, slightly-above-average choice to run as a dps in most situations. so think on that for a bit

Most damage comes from either crits or np. So think about what craft essences you have and np levels.

Hi guys, thanks for all for advice, so apparently Arjuna gets a strengthening quest in jp which makes him stronger so he probably will rise up the tier lists. I am so this makes me quite a bit more confident about my team. Idk maybe him and Shiki can work together in some stalling team but yes I’m very happy he got buffed

Uh… how exactly would that work?

Neither Arjuna nor Shiki possess any stall type abilities (stun, charm, NP seal, NP Drain, etc…) nor do they possess any form of survival skill (Evade, Invincibility, Guts), or even any basic DEF buffing skills. They boss possess self heal, but that won’t work long term.

In short, neither are great, or even a remotely good, choice for stall teams, let along together.

Not to mention they are of two different classes. If you’re fighting Sabers, Arjuna will have class advantage but Shiki will not. If you’re fighting Lancers, Shiki will have class advantage, but Arjuna will likely get massacred. And Archers will do the same to Shiki while Arjuna is dealing neutral damage.

If you plan to use them both on the same team it would only be for wave clearing and farming where one wave is Lancer, while the other is Saber. That, or both waves are made up of bronze and/or silver enemies and you’re hoping their Instant Death mechanic will proc to wipe out the wave.

The necessary adjustment is not to consider Servants within their own respective silos or to reason that because Servants A, B, and C are all good in similar areas that they will necessarily function well together.

It’s important to consider how their card selections, skill use, and NP activations might interact. To an extent you can circumvent this otherwise important strategy by forcing a team of AoE Servants together with batteries and/or scopes all around, but what works for dailies doesn’t work well for the entire game.

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…You have Summer Tamamo, Skadi, and Waver. Waver is universally great, Skadi makes quick Servants break the game but that 50% targetable NP battery can make her useful in other situations, and Tamamo is a damn good ST Lancer.
The only other SSRs I see are Arjuna, Void Shiki, and Medb.
Sure, Medb and Arjuna might be considered on the lower end of SSRs, and Void Shiki isn’t “great,” that doesn’t mean much.
Half of your SSRs are great, not trash.

Need to correct a couple misconceptions:
First, the tier list is entirely subjective. And they’re (usually) made to be as generic and universal as possible. A Servant that may be top notch to someone else may not be at all useful to you, and vice versa.

Second, just because a Servant has an Arts deck doesn’t mean they’re good in a stall team. It’s just that most of the best stallers are Arts Servants.

With that out of the way, I feel it’s worth pointing out that Heracles is an excellant “last man standing,” so it’s a good idea to put him in the sixth slot.

If you want to try a stall team, I’d suggest Rhyme/Waver/Tamamo, as that’s probably your best bet with the servants you have available. But honestly, unless you have your own Tamamo or Jeanne, I wouldn’t really recommend pursuing that strategy. Since you have Waver and Skadi, you’re much better positioned to opt for more fast-paced, NP-blitz teams.

Idk they both have HP restoring skills so they night be useful in long fights, I’m a new player I don’t really understand the mechanics of this game very well