Team building around Meganium

Hi there, I’m currently trying to build a new GL team around Meg lead - it has such good coverage for a vast chunk of the GL meta at the moment that it just makes sense…

I am struggling to find good team mates for him though, in particular covering Skarmory and A-wak. I’ve tried a few different teams but nothing is really working. Any ideas?

I have access to most GL mons (bar XLs) but sadly I don’t have a good Gunfisk, which seems the best partner…

You’re right. Grass goes well with Bastiodon/Gunfisk, which covers flying and fire. You could go with my team that has been working: Venusuar(Sub w/ Meganium), Gunfisk, and Bastiodon. You could also try the typical Steel lead and double grass. Deoxys-D would also work well with meganium.

I’ve been running Gfisk lead Mew (flame charge, wild charge) with meganium in back. It’s weak to a handful of fighters, and has no answer to scrafty, but it got me from 2750 - around 2900 in just a few days. Mew covers Skarm and mine isn’t great vs. Awak, but you could give it surf

If you don’t have gunfisk you could try Lanturn or Excadrill. Lanturn beats Awak and Skarm, but leaves you quite weak to other grass mons. You’d probably need a flier, as Meganium struggles vs other grass. All in all I wouldn’t worry too much about Awak, as a landed EQ can totally flip that match. Like banana said DD is a good option, I dunno if you have that, I don’t and I wish I did :frowning:

Almost nothing is more punishing to an Azu swap in than a Meganium. If you are quick to the swap you don’t have to burn a shield and can leave with health and a bit of energy. I don’t know about leading with it. I’m sure it works. You might run in to trouble vs opposing grass leads as most of Meganiums covers for fliers are bad vs grass.
Venusaur is totally easier to build around tho. The fighting resistance is huge. Meganium actually looses to quite a few fighting types but is always able to get health or shields from them.

I once ran it with DeoxysD and azu (edit: no, altaria, not azu) and it was decent, though with DD as lead. Don’t know if it is still viable cause two of them are nerfed now. Registeel is also a good choice, the mentioned bastiodon of course, umbreon is a good, more neutral companion as well - i don’t want to rely on an EQ on alowak to be honest. Probably also Lapras and skarmory (snorlax?). If using steel you should have sth great vs fire as 3rd of course.

Kinda depends on placement but it definitely covers most of the weaknesses for the steel tanks (Basti, Regi, Gunfisk, Probo, Steelix, etc.). I’d maybe throw in something to counter fire-types and grass. Altaria comes to mind but…meh…maybe Ninetails or Heatmor? If you’re feeling adventurous, maybe try out Magcargo?

meganium, pelliper and bastiodon
this team is actually not bad. only has trouble with opposing venusaur and meganium where pelliper needs to land hurricane to win

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Meganium/Gunfisk/Probopass is great against the most regular team possible: Gunfisk/Azumarill/Skarmory. After my Meganium beat their leadoff Gunfisk and they brought out Skarmory and saw my Probopass they switched to Azu for a little bit but then they quit

It beat Clef/regular Stunfisk/Wiggly pretty bad…doubt that is a popular build though

On 2500 I use Meganium-Gothitelle-Ninetales(ice)
Team graceful right there

I ran a Meganium lead with great success for a couple seasons, going back. It’s an unexpected lead that can usually go down fighting hard even in a bad matchup with some shields, I think it’s a great lead. It throws teams off balance, he’s supposed to be in the back.

Too me the question is what comes next, you win or lose the Mega lead and then what? Probably flier or ice, so something running fire. A-wok? With a generalist to round it off, Gunfisk being the best of the generalists

Are you more into safe swaps or sacrificing? Just assume a bad lead, with meganium classically a flier. This is, btw, also the reason I don’t want to bring meganium as lead, cause many people run flier upfront - and vs fliers you get rather hard-walled than going down in a good fight. Whatever, would you rather insta-safeswitch to, let’s say, hypno, or rather counter it hard after sacrificing the meganium with gunfisk and then for example switch to a flier if they bring a fighter? Sacrificing meganium i guess is not your thing so you need a safe swap, whatever suits you. Hypno just an example, but the opponent will be prepared to counter at least electrics, rocks and icy types, so likely having a fighter or gunfisk. Plus then of course you need a third team member covering the lead flier for later. In the end you could try DeoxysD or hypno (maybe even double punch with ice/fire) plus gunfisk or similar.
Or you just go for teams without lead fliers and counter them hard. A gunfisk in the back and sth vs fighting - a charmer?