Team Building Ideas


I’ve been doing alright with whatever strikes my fancy so far, but, the current “endgame” content requires something more exacting. Outside the High Dragon Trials, I find Wyrmprints to be rather superfluous, so, I didn’t include them, but, any suggestions will be heeded.




I also have Albert


I have Pazuzu as well

Teams for IO and High Dragons are needed mostly, but, general synergistic teams would also be nice.


When it comes to autoing IOs you definitely gonna need a strong Verica and/or Hildegard depending on the IO you are doing, the only IO i can see you doing in semiauto atm would be water IO since you have Lowen. I would go with a team of Lowen/Addis/Aeleen/Louise, if you feel like Lowen is too weak to heal everyone you can switch Louise for Sophie, but a good Lowen should be able to solo heal it. Maybe you can also try Fire IO with Thaniel, but his healing potency is anything but great. That team could be Thaniel/Karina/Xander/Xainfried.

for High Dragons it would really help knowing how many unbinds your Dragons have, High Brunhilda/Mercury require MUB Dragons whereas High Midgardsormr can be already done with Euden and 0UB Cerberus.


Focusing on High Dragon Trials, you have extremely strong adventurers and decent dragons. Focusing on fire first, I like Euden most because of his stun res compared to Elizeth and Naveed’s sleep res. Although his stats are lower being a free to play, he is a solid choice for HMS. Also, HMS HP thresholds aren’t that high so you should be able to get him to the hp threshold. Just remeber to give him Cerberus or MUB Ifrit because some people think Cerb is better for ranged fire units rather than melee fire units. Make sure your str is 2200+ for HMS or else people tend to nope you. For High Brunhilda (HBH), Xainfried, Orsem, Elisanne and Thaniel are all amazing choices. Xainfried being a five star would require slightly less building but Orsem and Elisanne are both good choices. Thaniel is trash for everything except HBH so yeah. Give Xainfried, Orsem and Elisanne a Levi or DY Jeanne (Probably MUB) and Thaniel a MUB Poseidon or Peng Lai. Simurgh is a decent choice also. DY Nefaria is good too but i dont know much about her. For your wind units, Louise, Addis, Ranzal, Pia, Lowen and Su Fang (With MUB Dragon Dance Wyrmprint) are usable for HMC. Louise, Lowen, and Addis are probably the best. Louise can be given Pazuzu while Addis, Ranzal, Pia, and Su Fang can be given the Roc. Make sure it’s MUB though. Actually, make sure you can get basically everything MUB if possible. For Lowen, you can honestly give Roc to him as well because the Hp threshold is so low. Always have the defense wyrmprint though, but you dont need the MUB version for the HMC defense print, just the regular one. For light, H!Elisanne, Ryozen, and Fleur and good choices. I like h!ELisanne the best because of her gauge thingy. Give h!Elsianne, Ryozen, and Fleur MUB Lindworm for High Zodiark when he comes out because his hp threshold’s gonna be high and hes gonna be the hardest high dragon trial. HIf you ever get Cupid, then MUB him and use him instead. Zodiark will probally inflict curse. However, there is a print that once MUB, gives 100% curse res (Heavenly Holiday), so Odetta and other poison res units will be able to join the fight. Same goes for your wind units and shadow units which i’ll be covering next. FOr the dark units, Sanzanka, Orion and Cleo are good choices. Sanzanka need less building because she’s 5* but if you prefer healers or daggers, choose Orion or Cleo. High Jupiter will probally inflict paralysis btw. Cleo would appreciate the split boost from Nidhogg while Sanzanka and Orion would need MUB Juggernaut. Obiuosly give them all 5* Ele weapons if possible because the extra might, hp, and str is always needed. It will take lots of building but that’s what i have for High Dragon Trials.


Brunhilda, Midgardsormr, Jupiter

Roc, Shishimai, Lindworm, Maritimus, Phantom, Juggernaut

Pele, Ifrit, Vodyanoy, Poli’ahu, Stribog, Unicorn, Nidhogg

Cerberus, Phoenix, Poseidon, Silke, Zodiark

Peng Lai, Leviathan, Mercury, Pazuzu, Sylvia, Liger, H!Silke

I have awful luck pulling dragons