Team check up

Hi its me again,

So… im pretty good at the game now. I wanna know if this is my best god ki team at the moment.

That’s a really cool setup. I remember you asking for a team a while back and I am surprised how well your teams have evolved. Good job mate.

A few things I would like to say here.

  1. SsB Future Goku is better than Ssj Rose Goku Black (red). Goku is the overall better unit, has strike cover, great last man and better kit. His Z ability is also better imo. But you should still use Rose because your Rose has higher stars (better Z ability because of that and better stats). If you get Ssb Goku to 6* then use him.

  2. Ssj Rose Goku Black (grn) is buffing up only Fusion Zamasu and Goku Black Rose (only future units). He isn’t buffing Chamba, Z7 Ssb Goku and UI Goku.

Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing but keep in mind that Vados will buff the entire team. Goku Black is overall better but Vados’ support is fantastic too.

Verdict : Use the one that suits your play style more. If you want to make you Z7 Ssb Goku and UI Goku monsters via her support, use Vados. If you want to unleash devastating long combos, use Ssj Rose Goku Black. I would personally use Goku Black tho.

Just a reminder : Make sure your Zenkai unit is fully soul boosted (Zenkai Ssb Goku in this case). That unlocks new unique abilities.

Hey Dragon,

Thanks for the compliments. Exactly the reason why i still have red ss rose goku black is because of the support his stars give. So thats why red ssb isnt in the team.

And with goku black grn, he has 8 stars and i love his combos with the green card and main abillities, even tho he doesnt buff the other god units, he gets the buffs from them when he transforms. Too bad my ui goku is only 2 stars…

Z7 ssb goku is fully unlocked 200% :grin: ive been busy i could say haha…

Guess ill stick with this team

Amazing man. UI is great only at 2* too. You could give him LL Z Power (the one from spooky sweet Halloween event). He will then start buffing up God Ki.

It’s not necessary though. You can save it for later, I guess you are going to have to make the decision yourself lol.

I know right! I wish i could, but i dont have any ll z power left… used one for lf vegeta when it came out.

By the way, i still keep summonint every 1000 cc for a chance for a copy of ui goku. Should i stop doing that? I already got the pride troopers and all, but i really do want 3 stars ui since he doesnt buff anyone at the moment

I actually don’t know what to say. It all depends on the Christmas/New Year units. If they are good, saving would be a good option, if not summoning here is better.

If you run only one team in PvP (God Ki in your case), summoning here is a good option. The banner is pretty good and I pulled Beerus twice in this banner and UI Goku twice too (25k cc). But if you run more teams, then save maybe? I am currently summoning here. I run future, Son Fam and Rival Universe and there are amazing units of these tags in this banner.

I just want to get Jiren to 4* (after that I will pump Z Power into him) lol.

If you have pride troopers at high stars, try that team in PvP too , they are pretty fun (if you need help for Rival Universe team, I am here to help).

I think ill keep summoning here.

Pride troopers? Yeah i do have them, i have jiren at 6*, toppo at 2, and dyspo at 3.

But tbh i like god ki so much that i havent even tried them out yet hahaha

Here is my rival universe tag;

You can make one if you want.


  1. Jiren
  2. Toppo
  3. Dyspo


  1. Ex Ribrianne
  2. Ex Rozie
  3. Champa (can be used in core against purple units)
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Hey, i pumped dyspo up (well i pulled him alot of times while looking for ui goku)

This the gang now

EDIT: Ofcourse also made rozie 3* for the buffs