Team comp for mordred

I have had my saber mordred for awhile but I am terrible at setting up team comps and I havent used her, can someone give me ideas on comps that would work with her?

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Modred is known by the farming capacity with 30% battery thus a Kaleidoscope or 50% NP gauge CE+ Merlin or Shakespeare is recommended

I figured as much I wanted to also see if there was any other servants aside from merlin

If it was me I’d use her with Merlin and Nero Bride.

You could also probably use Quetz, Nero caster, Waver, Drake, and Shakespeare

If you are using Mordred then you probably want Saber DPS so I think Bride would compliment her better than waver as she can contribute saber dps as well herself.

Okay, stick her with Star Absorption CE eg Hot Sand, we could build a crit way:
Modred + Hans, Helena, Berserker of El Dorado, Chiron,… + 2030

so have like mordred, hans, and penth? I do like the idea of that

She has a mana burst and a debuff clear+charge skill.
She’s a great last wave and challenge quest clearer. For that purpose, she wants NP damage and flat attack boosts.
To pull off a turn one NP for farming, she wants 70% charge from other sources. Merlin and Waver can do that, or any 50% charge CE (Holy Night Supper or Aerial Drive) and Merlin OR Waver, there’s also Osakabehime, Ozy, and Shakespeare. Ozy is the only one of those three with a Charisma effect, Osakabehime can’t buff buster for another year or so, and Shakespeare’s buster buff means less with Mordred’s Mana Burst up.
Merlin, Hans, and Chiron are all crit supports, Merlin and Hans having attack boosts. Hope for an Instinct strengthening.

Mordred love :fgo_buster:

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Then you could make that crit team, she has the OP skill Intuition produces stars but lack of star weight so hot sand or the CE released with Skadi is pretty good