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Hi y’all! So I’m a bit new to Fate G/O, experienced enough to know the gist of how things work but not quite certain. I used a ton of support Jalters to fly past the first few singularities, but now I’m stuck at London trying to figure out a team comp since my strategy so far has been to put a high level class advantaged servant and smack on a strong support. Any help at all would be appreciated, thank you. My servants are:

  • Rama
  • Artoria Alter (Lancer)
  • Cu Chulainn (Prototype)
  • Kid Gil
  • Carmilla
  • Medea
  • Mashu
  • Lu Bu Fengxian
  • Georgios
  • Spartacus
  • Hans
  • Billy the Kid
  • Fergus
  • Caesar
  • David
  • Euryale
  • Robin
  • Arash
  • Cu Chulainn (Caster)
  • Mecha Eli-Chan V1

Also, any tips from more experienced players for late game comps? Been hearing good things about Arts teams but I kinda wanna weigh the value of a good Buster team against them. Again, all help is appreciated. Thanks y’all.

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Hiya, welcome to both FGO and the forums.

First things first: there’s no such thing as a universal team comp, with perhaps a few exceptions made for certain stall and defensive teams. There are general Arts teams that can apply to most situations, but considering that a universal composition is a stretch, because the class triangles can throw a wrench in those plans.

Class affinity in the game makes it so that you really need to work with it in mind. If you’re not already aware of it:

Basically, the blue arrows means “deals half damage against” and the red arrow means “deals double damage towards”.

I bring this up because compositions are supposed to be increasingly flexible, as you’ll plug and play servants depending on what a given node requires. You’re generally able to see what the enemy classes are for a given node before starting it.

Now, from the servants you’ve listed, I would prioritize the following:

  1. Hans
  2. Artoria Lancer (Alter)
  3. David
  4. Mash (she is your best defensive option)
  5. Mecha Eli-Chan (assuming you have her as NP5 and all of her ascension materials)
  6. Rama OR Caesar
  7. Carmilla
  8. Euryale (in preparation for Camelot), Robin

With the rest being pretty flexible. Those are among the strongest servants at your disposal.

You shouldn’t be having any trouble getting through nodes with just a strong friend support until Camelot. A highly invested into Hans and Mash should do well to defend your support. What node are you stuck at right now?


Drachy gave excellent advice, as per usual :slight_smile:

My additional suggestion is to be a little stingy with resources beyond those for your top priority Servants for gameplay and/or personal preference. Don’t feel like you need to level and ascend everything, because that will spread your resources very thin as a new player; bank the excess so that you at least have a head start the next time you decide you really want to bump up a Servant.

For example, Hans and Mash are enduring picks that can retain value regardless of how well-developed your roster may become, but you can have a completely successful and enjoyable game experience while utterly forgetting that Billy the Kid or Fergus exist if you so choose. That’s not to say that those Servants are worthless or bad; it’s just that there are better Servants available, even free 4* ones from events, that generally outshine them. Players who use Servants like that generally do so because they really like the characters or have a highly specific team comp they are designing.


Thanks for the welcome and the reply! I’m at London, Knight of Londinium. The pause in progress isn’t completely from me being bad with servants, just that there’s been a lot of events going on lately and I haven’t got to it. Just a bit more wary of London quests later on in the singularity.

Thanks :D

Ah, okay. So that’s a node that’s very heavy with both Assassins and Lancers. Then, to counter these, you are going to want to use a Caster and Saber support.

It’s okay if you think you’re bad with servants right now. Pretty much everyone was at the start, and it’s commendable that you made it this far without having any major trouble.

I encourage that you utilize one of the following guides in your progression through the singularities, at least up until Camelot where GamePress then actually has its own guides out for them, written masterfully by the staff.

FGO Wiki London Walkthrough
Samurai Gamers London Walkthrough

They’ll generally provide the information for the enemies you’ll be expecting. I believe they are spoiler-free aside from the enemies you might be facing, which that itself can be a spoiler, so progress with care. This is why I really like GamePress’ writeups because they completely withhold that fact from you unless you decide to reveal such.

Gou raises a good point here, and given how fresh you are to the game, materials can seem daunting and nonexistent. You really need to end up planning for servants and making the right decisions lest you find yourself with a plethora of low-leveled units rather than a few really good ones.

I will echo what was said in how Hans and Mash will virtually always be worthwhile, and you really wont stop using them until you get replacements from the gacha.

I can perhaps add you if you’d like and you can make use of my roster. Pretty much every servant I have should be able to get you through the content. Just let me know your friend ID if so, and I’ll try and clear a spot.


I won’t make this too big since the others already did a great job.
Basically its better to simply borrow a DPS with higher NP levels than to use your own, however that’s only applicable if you have your own supports. Luckily the game gives you one of the best supports in the form of Mash to start of with. Trust me she absolutely shines in arts set ups so take leveling her up as a priority. The next one should obviously be Hans, don’t let his rarity fool you, he is amazing and one of the few servants I bothered to grail to 80 and he also pairs well with Mash. However I’d really recommend rolling on the upcoming banner with Caster Gil, he has great support capabilities along with damage potential. With him and Mash, you could simply borrow a DPS depending on what node it is. David is another must because he is a semi support and DPS, his kit is amazing and he is extremely versatile, trust me you won’t regret it.
After you’re done investing in supports go for your own DPS each class at a time
Archer- Euryale (Extremely recommended for camelot) or Robin depending on who has higher NP lvl
Lancer- Artoria
For the four horsemen you could easily just level up your Mecha eli cause she basically has advantages over all of them.
Also once you’re done with the story don’t forget to level up Arash because he is really great for farming comps. I have a stacked archer line up with Gil, Ishtar, Artoria but he’s still the first name in my party when it comes to farming.

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I appreciate the detailed reply, thank you so much for your help :D Guess that’s why Hans is a budget waver, huh?

Thanks for the banner and support advice!

I would actually say he’s more of a budget Merlin, especially given that a skill upgrade in the future essentially gives you a targeted version of his Noble Phantasm. But either way, the results the same. I used my Hans up until I got Merlin, and that’s way after I had completed end game content. There’s a reason he’s so widely praised.

Just make sure you’re continuously rolling the friend point summon so you can get him to NP5 (if he isn’t already). It’s unfortunate that there’s RNG on some of his NP effects, but that’s early-game design DW for you.

Also, it’s probably too early to poison you with the art of save scumming, but for most random effects, you can close out, reload the game, and use any skill to cause the game to roll the dice again and perhaps bestow you better luck on the buffs. Worth keeping in mind too, since it also affects enemy actions (who they attack, if they use skills, etc.)

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Also in preparation for Camelot I’d suggest you also look for a friend with Orion, preferably NP2 or higher and with maxed skills. Its almost like she was designed specifically to take down Gawain.

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I agree with the comments above and add my own 2 cents

Whenever an event comes that offers a free servant do your best to maximise there ascension and NP, this will increase you servant variety and allow you to build teams more apt for certain fights

To help you clear london a friends mordred will go anlong way as she has class advantage vs the final boss and deals extra damage to a certain trait that also matches the final boss. My friend id is
Add me so you can use mine if you need her, pic of my support linup

When i was new i made it a point to complete every daily mission once, that will get you basic materials, qp, and exp cards to help you level up your self and your servants as well as mana prisms to get you exp cards and summon tickets every month.

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easier to ask for a Euriale, easy np5, np drain, charm, atk down, charm on np, arts based, arts boost, 3*…hits for 100k +

Both work, both handily trivialize him. Euryale is at worst competitive with him in terms of damage (presuming NP1 anyway) racing despite silver vs gold stats due to her anti-Male buff always being active while an Orion would need to wait for the next cycle (7-5T), and her Arts Up lasting longer for buffed damage and gen. Ofc, lovestruck wife and teddy bear just have outright superior raw stats and pure damage, never mind their stability (ATK & crit chance down/NP refund/charge reduction, Evade) potentially lending itself to an easier time if running solo for someone potentially unacquainted with soloing. Still, Euryale is more accessible, after all, which is its own argument. Both make him a joke though.

Although Chloe’s fat 50% battery, strong steroids, silly Arts card, Evade, self-sustainable stargen and crit up on said Evade, alongside crit chance down all make her a powerful counter to him as well.

Archuria too, ideally NP2+ in case you gotta pop her heal.

I prefer Euryale -> Chloe -> Archuria -> Orion due to the first two’s strengths over the latter two but either way he’s pretty easy to trivialize (really even if you don’t want to solo, class advantage is king and budget runs ain’t hard). Euryale and Chloe have been the best for beating him down asap IME though assuming you’re not taking hypermax SSRs. Also the snake goddess is adorbs.

All of Part 1 can be solo’d with a friend support. So I wouldn’t worry about raising those now servants for now.

I really recommend raising your bronze farmers first.


Arash and Spartacus are cheap and amount to huge QoL increases. Shakespeare is your best Buster support and you need to have him raised to meet damage benchmarks.

From there, you’re free to go wherever you’d like—I’d start with the supports/taunters (Hans, Georgios, Leonidas, David, Mozart), farmers (Medusa, Paracelsus) and nukers (Ushi, Robin, Lu Bu).

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I’ll just say that for late game, try to get the 4 caster supports. They’re a vital part of team comps in general. While Hans is comparable, he just isn’t enough. You can still save for Waver, Tamamo and Skadi as they have upcomming banners next year.

As for the F2p servants, I’ll say prioritize the following:

Lu Bu-mindless red button. All around damage dealer to anything. Your best friend to f2p boss slaying even comparable and even surpassing some golds in damage.

Cu Chulainn (Orig)-your contingency plan. Can save you if your party is wiped out. Everyone’s favorite cockroach.

Robin-safer Lu Bu. Basically a nuke with attack down and self evade as bonus.

Euryale-male killer. The go to nuke when the enemy tries to assert its male dominance. Can charm stun too.

David-team evade with attack buff, enough said.

Hans-Bronze SSR support. Heal, attack, defense, crit damage and stars. Will also give NP charge later on.

Arash-absolute suicide nuke. Cleans the field of trash and allows 3 turn comps with his death.

Spartacus-he is all muscle. Zerk AoE w/ def ignore. Can be harder to kill than you might expect.

Georgios-meat shield. Use him when you don’t want other servants to die.

Mash-harder meat shield. Shorter taunt in exchange for team def buff and invincibility. Another SSR like support.

Mecha Eli-for mindless cavalry slaying. Very effective on three classes with decent damage output

Other notable ones:

Leonidas-red meat shield. Similar to Georgios but with Buster support

Shakespeare-Buster support w/NP charge

Amadeus-Arts support. Insta crit.

Ushiwakamaru-good nuke with attack buff and NP gain buff.

Caesar-attack, np, and crit damage support.

Inshun-Cu tier soloist. Has many many self buffs. One of the best for facecarding.

For, the rest of the f2p just pick 1 ST and 1 AoE for each class as a start. For golds, raise them all if you can. Also, please don’t burn until you NP 5 any f2p. Just don’t. You’ll raise them all in the end when you have nothing to do anyway.

Edit: Just to let you know, prepare your archers, zerks and sabers, especially some of the ones I mentioned. You’re about to taste true fgo hax after the next singularity from London.

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