Team composition for rashoumon


I need advice for team composition in rashoumon rerun.

Who is better?
Dual tamamo+archuria or jalter+merlin+nero bride?


I’d probably prefer Archuria, although Jalter would most likely do more damage, if you combine this team with anniversary blonde.
On the other hand you could shoot Archurias NP back-to-back…

But on another note: Don’t you have any of the Event-Bonus-Servants? Servants with japanese origin+Illya and Kuro get a damage bonus on every battle during this event.


Rashomon don’t have event bonus servants but event CE will give bonus damage to servants and team. The one with event bonus servants is Onigashima that schedule after Rashomon

If you want sustainable damage go for Archuria + Tamamo. Instead of double Tamamo might as well pick Waver.

If you want quick One-shot Banana Oni you can try Jalter + Merlin


Sorry, mistook them. Thought Rashomon was the later one. :sweat_smile:


It is okay even with one merlin? I just have tamamo as support and nero bride as hybrid support


Why not Bride + double tamamo?

I fully intend on running Bride + Waver + double Tamamo.


Nero Bride - Tamamo - friend Merlin is a very powerful team that will probably trash the banana easily. Tamamo and Merlin work exceptionally well together in supporting an Arts DPS (people always think of Merlin as a Buster support, but he’s so broken that he can support anyone who likes to crit, the Buster buff is a bonus). Nero Bride recently got an Interlude that makes her NP the strongest ST Saber NP aside from Brave Liz who is a free NP5, and even though she is more arts-focused she still has two Buster cards that can make good use out of Hero Creation.


I just have tamamo and nero bride, so i cant go with double tamamo+waver+nero bride. Any other suggestion?


For me, Mash/Merlin/Some kind of DPS.

Since my EMIYA is FULLY upgraded, I might use him if I can’t raise my Gil fully in time. You’d be surprised how much AOE damage a buffed NP5 lvl 100 EMIYA can do so perhaps I can clear out those hands quickly, as well as getting those stars. I can always swap him out for an ST servant like Musashi once the hands are dead.

In general though, Mash + Merlin + AOE DPS with a ST DPS in the backline to sub in. Will do some damage potential testing over the next week to decide exactly who I will use.

EDIT: Using my own servants, if I max Merlin’s skills (which I’m planning to) then one of the calculators suggests that the average NP damage from EMIYA with MLB Heaven’s Feel equipped in my current setup will be about 260k.

260k AOE damage will do nicely for the first few days if that’s even a slightly good approximation lol. This is assuming I do Mash NP immediately prior for that 30% ATK bonus. There might be ways that I can optimise his damage without disrupting team survivability, maybe chance it with Black grail.


Time to get farming gears and pages, my setup with a STILL not optimal Merlin let Emiya unleash about 220k AOE damage with Black Grail equipped in the Training Ground. I think I have my setup sorted out AOE wise.

EDIT: I just saw the event CE, holy crap baskets there’s possibilities for some big numbers


The reason I don’t suggest running Nero Bride or Tamamo with Jalter mainly because you will lack of defensive support or secondary NP charger. Bride star weight also will take away some of Jalter star. A secondary buster support is better I think? Someone like second Merlin or Shakespeare or Leonadis equipped with Demon King CE. Preferable if you got the 50% single servants CE MLB since this will maximize damage to one shotted Banana.

For art team Altria + Tamamo + Caster Gil or Waver is best to maximize damage and to keep NP looping instead of double Tamamo. But Double Tamamo advantage for this team will be Banana have low probability to fire her NP. Con is Lack of defensive support.

Chaldea Combat Uniform is the best for Rashomon to stun and bring taunter in order to keep you team alive.


If you check YouTube you might find a lot of People one shot Banana using double Merlin + Jalter. There’s also a video people one shot her with Robin and Double Tamamo + Caster gil. 6m HP is nothing much for rerun. Old player might suffer a bit during 1st run due to lack of line up, no Merlin. My team last year for this event was Orion, Tamamo and Waver(support). There’s few instant that Orion got kill due to Crit by Banana and what’s left of me is Marie and Cu Cullain surviving till the end due to their invi and evade.


Jesus, I did see one video with necro Arash (only 1M HP banana though) which was hilarious actually.

If I find a setup that can one shot her with an ST, is that better than trying to get the additional drops from the hands? I was too late for this event last run so not sure how much you get for the hands.


Just kill the hand fast. Their HP is not that high around 200k - 300k.


Well, Waver is the easiest to replace because attack buffs are a dime a dozen. It’s just you have to run something like HNS instead of Black Grail.

You have one from your mystic code, so pick someone with NP damage up. Bedi/Hektor have Tactics.

Or run Mozart for Arts crit shenanigans. You still get the near 100% Arts boost and you get crit stars to play with. We’ll get lots of Caster secret gems and bones during these hunting quests if you still need to level his skills. Stick a taunt CE on him and call it a day.

Check out that damage calculator and try it with some different buffs.


Where i can find the damage calculator


Here’s the google doc. It also calculates NP gain and Crit star gen, you need to look up buff multipliers and stuff though.