Team composition help, please >.<

Soooo I know the servants here are a bit randomly mixed about, that’s because I only really rolled for those I actually liked and didn’t quite take into consideration synergy or a possible late game team sooo…does anyone know a good combination between the servants I have on here (+F2P servants ofcourse)

Idealy id just love to keep maid alter, gil, illiya and bride together but I noticed they don’t work all TO well sooo, any help would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance >.<

The only dedicated support I’m seeing here is CasGil, and he naturally pairs well with Arts DPS, like Nero Bride (who actually is a support in her own right as well, but a little less so until she gets that coveted NP charge upgrade).

Borrow a friend’s Waver to pair with your favorite AoE or ST DPS Servants since he’s card-agnostic. Borrow Merlin if more Buster damage and/or his invincibility or other crazy features are desired.

Ilya is more of a specialized use for big boss (read: mainly Assassin or Berserker) killing and isn’t terribly great for general farming, being a ST Servant with low face card damage. First Hassan makes great memes, but likewise is not a daily plug-and-play.

Archer Gil is all around fantastic for many reasons, so borrowing a useful support for him is a winning strategy for many fights and for general farming.

For “F2P,” Hans is a safe, stand-out choice for ascending since his investment requirements and party cost are extremely low for the utility he brings to any party. Arash, as always, deserves mention for being an incredibly cheap and useful QoL bonus for any Master.

Berserker of El Dorado is a really fantastic ST DPS, while Fran is AoE and more situational. Her damage is quite good, but you need a plan to deal with her annoying self-stun unless you’re only going to use her to clear a 3rd wave.

P.S. You can mostly ignore Emiya Assassin in favor of the welfare Shiki, who is coming again relatively soon. Rider Ishtar is quite good IMO, and will only get better come summer when Skadi arrives. Marie is a low-priority pick since the only thing she’s really great at is not dying. Lancer Raikou is extremely powerful…Assassin of the Nightless City is solid for her role, but not an urgent pick. Emiya Archer is mostly redundant since you have Gil, but can use him for Arts AoE with CasGil if desired. Orion I have but barely ever touch, so I can’t speak well to them.

I’ll go through each of the listed servants and let you know my thoughts:

  • Nero Bride: A contender for the best Saber in the game (as of present day, but likely into the future as well). You were wise to raise Umu as she’s going to do well to either support your teams or delete Lancers from the game with her bridal charm.
  • Orion: The best Male slayer in the game, despite what some Euryale enthusiasts might like to claim. Depending on where you’re at in the story, she’s not terribly high priority, so she can be foregone for the time being since raising SSRs in general can be pretty meaty. She will be your ideal pick in the future for deleting any Male Sabers or Berserkers.
  • Gilgamesh: The best damage unit in the game. You, again, were on track already in terms of raising him. Keep doing so. His value is immense and never wanes.
  • Maid Alter: She’s pretty much by my metrics a more expensive Ridertoki, so she’s going to be your premiere single-target Caster slayer, especially with Skadi coming in the future.
  • Illya: Similar to Maid Alter, she has a particular goal in just deleting a pesky Assassin mob, and other than that she doesn’t do much.
  • King Hassan: Ah, my beloved gramps. Slayer of Riders. Buster meme supreme. You’ll hear a lot of contention against him in this community because there’s a particular hard-on again Buster gorillas (in the Assassin class no less), but for many others his presence has been invaluable, and his durability nigh unspeakable. That being said, Ryougi Shiki is coming soon as a welfare single-target Assassin that’s also arts based. While I would advise raising Hassan at some point, you can certainly forego him in favor of Shiki should you prefer her aesthetic, lower cost, and ease of raising.
  • EMIYA: Honestly, I feel like once one gets Gilgamesh, EMIYA is more or less obsolete. He’s excellent at using his NP to generate crit stars, and subsequently he can have some good crit turns, but Gilgamesh in my view ends up outpacing him quite rapidly. Wouldn’t hurt to level him at some point, but I’d say he’s a relative low priority.
  • Raikou (Lancer): Let’s not beat around the bush, this is a SSR Lancer in disguise. She has extremely fantastic skills, high damage, and even supportive capabilities given her advanced Charisma and targetable Buster Up/Debuff Cleanse. You have no Lancer raised at the momenta side from her, or really any Lancer in general, so definitely give Mama the love and support she deserves. You will be rewarded in turn.
  • Ishtar (Rider) is actually a fantastic welfare that seems often slept on. At the very least, she can be helpful in farming given your access to certain supports and/or starting NP CE’s. She’s in my current three-turn farming setup for doors, at least. She would be great to level in tandem with Maid Alter as she satisfies the AoE part of Riding as well as giving decent support with her first skill.
  • Marie: As cute and lovely as she is, Marie is probably one of the worst SRs and is just not worth leveling outside of love for her character. If you think you can expend the materials, go for it.
  • Gilgamesh (Caster): One of the best Arts/Arts Crit supports in the game, and given that you lack a Tamamo, it would be wise to raise him to support your other Arts characters. He also can generate an extreme amount of crit stars with just an Arts NP.
  • Wu: Uh… well given that you have Hassan and Shiki is coming, I’m not really sure where to go with her. I have one myself, though she’s NP4 and deletes Riders pretty nicely, but until she gets her NP upgrade in the future she’s not going to pull spectacular damage numbers for most people. Until then, she’s best used as a Quick support, and given you have Ishtar (Rider), it may not be necessary. Your choice on this one; it never hurts to have good units raised.
  • EMIYA (Assassin): Ryougi Shiki completely invalidates this unit.
  • Penthesilea: She’s honestly an incredible unit with both a high damage ceiling and great supportive skills, only weighed down by her extreme lack of durability. Since she’s better than your other two availabile Berserkers, I’d say go for her when you need a Berserker.
  • Frankenstein: A lot of people like Fran for her farming capability, but I just don’t see it, especially with the Stun. Perhaps it’s because I have better units already that make her obsolete, I dunno. Mine’s going to pretty much sit forever in my Second Archive. I would almost advise the same for you, since it’d probably be better to just raise a Spartacus.
  • Tamamo Cat: Similar to Frankenstein, really. I don’t have a whole lot of experience using her, so I can’t speak too much to her effectiveness. Spartacus may be a better option over her again.

And that’s that. You have a great roster here, so really there’s not many mistakes you could make in raising any one of them, and honestly a master’s goal should be to raise everyone at some point. Good luck!

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Heh, you have the Maid Alter/Lancer Raikou/Rider Ishtar team that I used all the way through the end of Camelot. Fortunately, you have more options than I did.

I would continue to prioritize Gil for AoE, and Lancer Raikou for ST DPS. Maid Alter can be good ST damage as well, but her kit is kinda awkward and she relies heavily on her NP, but has poor NP gain. Raikou will not only bring strong buster support for herself or Gil, but also has a great NP that generates a ton of stars and awesome critical damage for non-NP turns.

I am thinking Gil/Lancer Raikou/Rider Ishtar would be a swell team, lots of support and damage. Just make sure you level Gil’s star absorb skill so he doesn’t have his stars yoiked by Ishtar all the time (though, Ishtar does very respectable critical damage, herself). Your only issue will be a lack of hard defense for Gil/Raikou, but stuff should die really fast outside of bosses, and you could always borrow a support Merlin to replace Raikou for tough fights.

Lol what :fgo_deadinside: Fran is one of the best AoE Besreker in the game ! The only one which make more damage is Raikou. Fran demerit is not that big of a problem espcially if she’s the third wave cleaner which she generally is since her damage are high.

So Paratela, raise your Fran to 80 (min because she derserve to be grailed) . It will greatly help you to farm mat/door whatever you need). Fran is a must have for farming !

That’s a pretty niche club, so being the best in it is not saying much, especially when so much of your competition are a couple stars lower.

I would say this might be handily true in a post-Skadi era, but as of now, the other AoE Berserkers are Buster and thus Merlin compatible.

Not to say she can’t be used to great success, but there are alternatives out there, and saying she is a must is disingenuous. If we’re talking doors, Ishtar (Rider) will be far superior. Hell, she can even manage Embers assuming a lack of Assassins, so sure Fran would win there.

Wha’ts the point to raise Ishtar rider, when you can have Fran and do all she did for farming and more ? You don’t need Melrin at all for farming. Just use a Waver, that’s will do too and very Franish. Raikou is the only one who is “better” and is a SSR. He ha sthe chance to have Fran, obvioulsy he should raise her to 80 !


I’ve literally just ran 2x scoped bronze Riders/Berserkers for ever out of laziness and because I like watching Spartacus lol. Currently Teach/Mama/support Ozy for a 4T because I can’t be bothered to slot in another one of my own budget units.

Hand Assassins

Amusingly, a 10/-/- Riderin with 2K HNS and Waver support can hit 19-23K against them which is enough for W1/2 silvers. Might need to facecard if it’s pure Assassins but eh.

Wha’ts the point to raise Ishtar rider, when you can have Fran and do all she did for farming and more ?

Class adv? 2x wins out vs x1.5 not-infrequently, particularly for the really basic stuff. For Riderin’s part, you can use her to clear a wave then crit down a mid-boss in W2 or boss in W3 if you feel like relying on facecard luck.

Naturally, both should be raised, every gold has a use in some capacity even if some are more ‘splashable’ than others if we’re only talking gameplay considerations (what of the newbie who really likes Shinjuku Assassin and doesn’t wanna use Hans for stargen?). But class adv and Ishtar’s native up to 100% crits can be valuable. Or, I guess, her party boosts in her S1.

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I mean, if you’re only talking about farming, sure. But Ishtar has more uses beyond that, being a pretty nice support and crit DPS, as well as not spontaneously combusting when a foe looks at her funny.

I’d raise Gil, El Dorado, and Lancer Raikou right now. Xmas is coming up and those servants will help you farm the lotto (Gil > El Dorado > Raikou, imo) which will help you raise literally everybody else.

Totally disagree w/ @Drachy on Fran, though; her damage is much higher than Spartacus and she’s a 3rd wave clearer anyway, so the stun is rarely an issue.

I don’t think you can actually make a case for Fran being better than Ishtar outside of farming. Berserkers can deal extra to all but they take even more in return. Fran already hurts herself on her third skill and then stunning herself after an NP leaves her as a sitting duck. Ishtar has far more utility, durability, and general purpose (through crit star gen) than Fran ever will.

Like, I get that you like Fran, and she’s not a bad unit, but we’re speaking in relative terms here and she just doesn’t win out again Ishtar (Rider) and arguably other options depending upon what a given Master has available to them.

I might consider finally raising mine whenever he gets his animation update. What works, works.

Sure, but my Ishtar is not 10’d in any slot and I can still do well just outside of Assassins. I just bring it up because regarding Ember farming, that’s her only inferior point.

Of course a 4* unit is going to have higher damage than a 1*. Damage potential really doesn’t matter as long as the waves can die, so sure Fran greater access to wave compositions with higher damage than Spartacus does. I don’t really like nor use either since I have better options both ways. I only bring up Spartacus as a potential, more freely available, and cheaper alternative to her.

Rather than spending resources on Fran, whose only job in most teams is clearing farm wave 3 (which any number of Servants can do), I’d hold them for an eventual Zerkerlot. Even if he doesn’t spook, the annual free 4* event is a guaranteed opportunity to grab him.