Team Comps?

Started the game less than a week ago, and to my knowledge I’ve been pretty lucky with getting characters from the initial re-rolling and gacha. Right now I have:
Ken lvl 34
Ras lvl 35
Angelica lvl 35
Kiris lvl 31
Mercedes lvl 30
Achates lvl 21
Destina lvl 24 (just got her, used some penguins)
As well as low lvl Aither, Azalea, and some other 3*s

Any tips on team comps for the future? Right now I’m mainly running Angelica, Ken, Ras, and Kiris/Mercedes (depending on elements). Should I level up Destina and Achates so they can be healers when the element game is in their favor? Does a double or triple healer comp work well? Thanks!

The easiest path is probably going with Angelica, Ken, Lorina and Kluri. Lorina and Kluri should be easy enough to obtain and are very strong and versatile with their specialty change.